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Fluon® ETFE Resins

FluonETFEFluonETFEMelt processable copolymers composed of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene, Fluon® ETFE Resins offer superior physical toughness and adaptability to meet the ranging needs of simple, high-quality, complicated and even high-performance products. The fluoropolymers maintain stable mechanical and electrical properties while exposed to a wide temperature range from -200 °C to +150 °C. Superior  tensile elongation and strength ensure no breakage by impact at room temperature. They are even resistant to low-temperature impact down to at least -80 °C. Tolerant to almost all chemical agents and solvents, these nonflammable resins conform to UL Standard 94V-0. ETFE resins are also resistant to ultraviolet light, making them suitable for outdoor use. A 16,000-hour accelerated weathering test (comparable to 30 years’ exposure) produced almost no signs of film deterioration. Available in pellet or powder form, ETFE resins can be molded by extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and electrostatic coating. Fluon ETFE resin compounds are also available in a variety of color masterbatch concentrates, custom reinforcements or conductivity levels.

Modified ethylene/tetrafluoroethylene polymers, Low Melting ETFE resins have a melting point lower by 30 °C to 40 °C than conventional ETFE materials, enabling processing over a wider temperature range with remarkably improved processability. Resins have higher flexibility and mechanical strength and can withstand flex of over 100,000 times. These low melting fluoropolymers also possess improved optical clarity and a higher limiting oxygen index (40% versus 31%). Using conventional extrusion and injection molding techniques, LM-ETFE resins can be processed at a wider range of temperatures due to their improved thermal stability and lower melting point. Rotomolding, rotolining and adhesive grades are also available.

Fluon® ETFE Resins & Compounds Sales Brochure

Sunbesta® and Sunbesta ZV Fuel Hose Constructions Product Data Sheet

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Fluon® ETFE resin compounds are also available.



ETFE Resins:

  • Continuous use temperature of 150 °C
  • Nonflammable material conforming to UL Standard 94V-0
  • Show excellent chemical resistance to inorganic acids/bases and organic solvents
  • FDA-compliant for Food Contact Notification (FCN) number 481
  • Can be cross-linked with electron beam for increased toughness

LM-ETFE Resins:

  • Higher limiting oxygen index (40% vs. 31%)
  • Melting point lower than other ETFE materials (225 °C vs. 260 °C for most ETFE)
  • Nonflammable material conforming to UL Standard 94V-0
  • Higher transparency than conventional EFTE
  • FDA-compliant for Food Contact Notification (FCN) number 481
  • Can be cross-linked with electron beam for increased toughness


  • Food industry
  • Wire and cable coating
  • Film and sheets
  • Semiconductor and electronic components
  • Tubing and pipe
  • Valves, fittings and pump housings
  • Electrostatic and rotolined vessel linings
  • Fuel hoses


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Fluon® ETFE C-55AB 2011-11-14 53.6 KB 1252
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Fluon® ETFE C-55AP UK 2011-11-14 32.56 KB 1142
Fluon® ETFE C-55AXB 2011-11-14 53.62 KB 1086
Fluon® ETFE C-55AXP 2011-11-14 53.4 KB 1243
Fluon® ETFE C-88AB 2011-11-14 53.61 KB 1096
Fluon® ETFE C-88AP 2011-11-14 90.96 KB 1190
Fluon® ETFE C-88AXMP 2012-10-09 64.71 KB 905
Fluon® ETFE C-88AXMB 2011-11-14 53.66 KB 1205
Fluon® ETFE C-88AXMP UK 2012-10-09 64.7 KB 874
Fluon® ETFE C-88AXMB UK 2012-10-09 64.7 KB 848
Fluon® LM-ETFE Pellets and Beads 2011-11-14 397.07 KB 1370
Fluon® ETFE C-88AXP 2012-01-16 88.44 KB 1207

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Technical Documentation

Fluon® ETFE and LM-ETFE General Information 2011-11-10 3.19 MB 1684
Fluon® ETFE Resins Product Information 2011-11-10 89.64 KB 2307
Fluon® ETFE Resins Chemical Resistance 2011-11-10 54.89 KB 1519
Fluon® LM-ETFE Resins Product Information 2011-11-10 84.93 KB 1732
Fluon® LM-ETFE Technical Bulletin 2011-11-10 1.87 MB 1381
Fluon® ETFE & LM-ETFE Powder Grades 2011-11-10 18.04 KB 1425
Fluon® ETFE AR-8018S TFE Copolymer Alloy 2011-11-10 101.61 KB 1249
Fluon® ETFE Rotational Molding and Lining Resins Product Information 2011-11-10 82.46 KB 1354
Fluon® ETFE Technical Bulletin 2011-11-10 6.15 MB 1762
Sunbesta® and Sunbesta ZV Fuel Hose Constructions Product Data Sheet 2014-02-26 755.82 KB 353