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Fluon® PTFE and PTFE Micropowders

FluonPTFEHighly cost-effective materials, Fluon® PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Resins are the most widely used fluoropolymers found in many areas of modern life. Resin properties keep insulation thickness to a minimum while tolerating a wider range of temperatures (-180 °C to 260 °C) than other insulators.  Inert to almost all chemicals, PTFE resins also offer good resistance to most solvents. They are suitable for outdoor use with no detriment to properties from extended exposure to the elements.

To accommodate an ever-growing range of end-use products, PTFE resins are available in different grades:

  • Coagulated dispersions (CD): White, free-flowing powders made by coagulating dispersions of PTFE. Developed for paste extrusion into tapes, tubes, pipe liners and coated wires.
  • Aqueous dispersions (AD): Small, negatively charged PTFE particles ranging from 0.25-0.28µm in mean diameter, depending on the grade, that impregnate substrates like fiberglass cloth and metals to impart PTFE properties. Dispersions may contain additional surfactants for stability and wetting properties.
  • Granular powders: Fine powders that are molded by first pressing and heating, then shaped by being cut or whittled into sheets, rods or billets. Available in a range of particle sizes and properties. Used for applications requiring superior mechanical or electrical properties.
  • They have been developed for paste extrusion into tapes, tubes, pipe liners, and coated wires

Manufactured without PFOA! For more information, click here (for CD and AD) or here (for Granular).



  • Coagulated dispersions: Suitable for extrusion of thin flexible sections, such as wire insulation, tubing and unsintered tape. They comply with the specifications of ASTM D4895 Type 1.
  • Aqueous dispersions: Thermal stability to 500 °F, extreme chemical inertness, resistance to outdoor weathering, low coefficient of friction, and excellent non-stick properties. Dispersions are used for coatings, as a binder, as an additive in resin and as a feedstock for paint.
  • Granular powders: Suitable for compression molding of billets, isostatic molding of intricate shapes, automatic molding of stock shapes, compounding with fillers, and ram extrusion of rod and tubing.


  • Fuel hoses for automotive industry (CD)
  • Textile membranes (CD)
  • Tapes, tubes, rods and wire coatings (CD)
  • Hydraulic hoses (CD)
  • Circuit boards (AD)
  • Roofing structures (AD)
  • Coated cookware(AD)
  • Slide bearing and valve components (Granular)
  • Sheets, rods, billets and other general molded shapes (Granular)
  • Gaskets and diaphragms in chemical process plants (Granular)


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Technical Documentation

Fluon® PTFE Coagulated Dispersion Polymers Product Information 2011-11-10 495.38 KB 1429
Processing Note F1 Molding of PTFE Granular Powders 2011-11-10 1.35 MB 1661
Processing Note F2 Extrusion of PTFE Granular Powders 2011-11-10 1.39 MB 1662
Processing Note F3/4/5 Processing of PTFE Coagulated Dispersions 2011-11-10 1.59 MB 1453
Processing Note F9 Finishing Processes for PTFE 2011-11-10 1.19 MB 1178
Processing Note F11 Coloring of PTFE 2011-11-10 1.18 MB 1140
Processing Note F12/13 Physical Properties of Unfilled/Filled PTFE 2011-11-10 1.61 MB 2411
Processing Note F14 Isostatic Compaction of PTFE 2011-11-10 1.96 MB 3790
Processing Note FT1800 Materal and Equipment Suppliers 2011-11-10 1.25 MB 1285
Fluon® Granular Polymers 2012-10-09 1.02 MB 879
Fluon® AD208E UK-USA Product Information 2012-10-09 62.67 KB 1310
Impregnation with PTFE aqueous dispersions 2013-03-08 600.4 KB 1080


FluonPMFluon® PTFE Micropowders are PTFE lubricants milled to a very fine powder while retaining excellent lubricity properties. These powders can be compounded in rubber and plastics or dispersed in liquids to improve friction and wear properties of the base material. Many grades are used in non-stick surface applications such as extreme pressure additives in oil and grease, and in solvent applications. PTFE lubricant powders offer great advantages over conventional anti-scuff agents in printing inks, permitting quick solvent release, faster printing speeds, and excellent print gloss.

PTFE Micropowder


  • High thermal, chemical and weather resistance
  • Improved wear resistance, lubricity, non-stick and frictional characteristics of host media
  • Can be added to coatings that contact food and drink
  • Excellent dielectric properties


  • Anti-scuff agent for ink and paint
  • Ski wax
  • Coated cookware
  • Thermoplastic additive
  • Grease thickener
  • Oil additive


Fluon® PM FL1650 2011-11-14 52.1 KB 941
Fluon® PM FL1690 2011-11-14 52.17 KB 912
Fluon® PM FL1700 2011-11-14 53.58 KB 902
Fluon® PM FL1710 2011-11-14 53.58 KB 905
Fluon® PM TL-120 2011-11-14 64.9 KB 958
Fluon® PM TL-368 2011-11-14 65.24 KB 915
Fluon® PM TL-171E 2012-11-14 65.24 KB 594

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Technical Documentation

Fluon® PTFE Micropowders Applications Areas 2011-11-10 30.69 KB 1080
Processing Note FT1500 Lubricant Powders-Applications, Properties, Processing 2011-11-10 1.4 MB 2205
Fluon® FL1650 Product Information 2011-11-10 169.22 KB 1075
Fluon® FL1690 Product Information 2011-11-10 37.18 KB 1093
Fluon® FL1700 Product Information 2011-11-10 146.38 KB 1096
Fluon® FL1710 Product Information 2011-11-10 146.11 KB 1080
Fluon® TL-120 Product Information 2011-11-10 33.54 KB 1183
Fluon® TL-171 Product Information 2011-11-10 35.58 KB 968
Fluon® TL-368 Product Information 2011-11-10 35.61 KB 1112