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AsahiKlin AK-225 Precision Cleaning Solvents

ASAHIKLINAsahiKlin AK-225 Precision Cleaning Solvents are environmentally sensible hydrochlorofluorocarbons designed to replace chlorofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and other HCFCs that have high ozone depletion potential. One-hundred percent free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the solvents have substantially lower global warming potential (370) than PFCs and HFCs, as well as an extremely low ozone depletion potential (0.03). Their selective solvency, physical properties and ability to form azeotropes make AK-225 solvents ideal for general and precision cleaning, drying, dewatering and defluxing applications. They can also be used as carriers for silicone and fluorinated lubricants. They also have a broad range of compatibility similar to CFC-113. The boiling point of the solvents is 54°C, the freezing point is -131 °C, and they are thermally stable and non-flammable with no flash point. They are commonly used for applications where other alternatives cannot be used due to unreliability, equipment restrictions or other concerns.

Six standard formulations are available: AK-225 for precision cleaning, as a carrier fluid, for cooling and for other applications where CFC-113, HCFC-141b and PFCs were utilized; AK-225 AES, AK-225 T and AK-225 ATE for defluxing, drying and other applications where CFC-113/alcohol azeotropes and HCFC-141b/alcohol azeotropes were used; AK-225 DH for displacement drying; and AK-225 FPL for removing dust particulate and certain types of mold release agents from acrylic resin, stressed polycarbonate and ABS resins.

Introducing the new AsahiKlin AE3000 Series Environmentally Friendly Fluorinated Solvents

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AsahiKlin AE3000 Series Precision Cleaning Solvents Brochure

News about HCFC Allocation Rule and Use of AsahiKlin AK-225 after 2014




  • 100 percent VOC-free
  • Low global warming potential (370) and ozone depletion potential (0.03)
  • Low surface tension (16.2 dyne/cm, 25 °C) and viscosity (0.59 cp, 25 °C)
  • Short drying time and excellent finish of cleaned parts
  • Nonflammable, low acute toxicity and highly stable
  • Broad compatibility with most plastics, elastomers, substrates and metals
  • Six grades formulated for specific applications


  • Cleaning of high-precision plastic and electronic components such as reflector glasses for laser printers, audio and video heads, and lenses
  • Solvent carrier for silicone oils, hard disk lubricants, fluorinated greases and anti-rust agents
  • Defluxing of printed circuit boards
  • Drying element in aqueous system or as part of hydrocarbon cleaning process
  • Refrigeration coolant and carrier solvent
  • Precision cleaning of molded resin (components for copiers, cellular phones, camera parts, etc.)
  • Dewatering of optical components
  • Precision cleaning of delicate substrates


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AsahiKlin AK-225 T 2011-11-14 89.03 KB 1467
AsahiKlin AK-225 G 2011-11-14 57.61 KB 1705
AsahiKlin AK-225 FPL 2011-11-14 88.28 KB 1161
AsahiKlin AK-225 DH 2011-11-14 59.19 KB 1130
AsahiKlin AK-225 ATE 2011-11-14 63.18 KB 1195
AsahiKlin AK-225 AES 2011-11-14 60.38 KB 1208
AsahiKlin AK-225 2011-11-14 59.21 KB 2032
AsahiKlin AK-225 Aerosol 2011-11-14 59.53 KB 1149
AsahiKlin AK-225 Film Grade 2011-11-14 474.02 KB 1086
AE3000 MSDS 2013-08-14 32.78 KB 843
AE3000AT MSDS 2013-08-14 35.02 KB 694
AE3000ATE MSDS 2013-08-14 37.69 KB 743
AE3100E MSDS 2013-08-14 33.77 KB 556

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Technical Documentation

AsahiKlin AK-225 Film Grade Product Information 2011-11-14 263.7 KB 1311
AsahiKlin AK-225 G Product Information 2011-11-14 148.34 KB 2286
AsahiKlin AK-225 FPL Product Information 2011-11-14 202.79 KB 1402
AsahiKlin AK-225 DH Product Information 2011-11-14 122.98 KB 1133
AsahiKlin AK-225 ATE Product Information 2011-11-14 163.66 KB 1263
AsahiKlin AK-225 AES Product Information 2011-11-14 155.14 KB 1153
AsahiKlin AK-225 Aerosol Grade Product Information 2011-11-14 281.55 KB 1124
AsahiKlin AK-225 Product Information 2011-11-14 352.64 KB 1358
AsahiKlin AE3000 Product Information 2013-02-25 665.83 KB 932
AsahiKlin AE3000AT Product Information 2013-02-25 690.85 KB 819
AsahiKlin AE3000ATE Product Information 2013-02-25 696.67 KB 866
AsahiKlin AE3100E Product Information 2013-02-25 648.64 KB 811