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ASPEX | Contract Manufacturing Services for Biopharmaceuticals

We can help you find the shortest way from your idea to the finished product. The pharmaceutical development process is fraught with obstacles. Whether our customers need help constructing expression systems, establishing industrial processes or performing large-scale commercial production, AGC can provide the optimal solution at all times. We draw upon the combined strength of our original technologies, experience and facilities to achieve efficiencies, reduce costs and cut down the development period for pharmaceuticals. Services include:

  • Contract Manufacturing - AGC provides GMP compliant biopharmaceutical manufacturing with up to 4,500L microbial fermenters. We provide materials that meet a wide range of needs from non-clinical to clinical trials and commercial production.
  • Process Development - AGC offers seamless process development and ensures smooth technology transfer. We contribute to establishing reliable manufacturing processes with our wealth of development experience.
  • Contract Expression System - AGC provides a state-of-the-art recombinant protein expression system based on the fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe. We provide high-quality, high-yield production systems through optimal combination of expression vector systems with the improved S. pombe hosts that best suit the characteristics of the target protein.



  • Fast to market
  • Up to 4,500L culture tanks
  • Highly flexible to meet various needs and processes
  • Highly efficient and exceptionally clean manufacturing
  • Provide support for drug approval applications
  • Integrated project management system
  • Cover all phases of development, scale-up and manufacturing processes