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Fine Silica Products

Fine Silica Products are resin additives that enhance the surface smoothness and dispersability of the media into which they are added. Their fine silica particles have a lower coefficient of friction than titanium dioxide and other popular fillers. On a molecular level, these particles are perfectly spherical in shape and move more freely to provide a superior tactile feel. Fine silica products provide catalyst support for cosmetics, film and synthetic leather, serve as a matting agent for paints, and act as filler for coated printing papers.

We offer four grades of fine silica products: Solesphere™, Sunlovely™, M.S. GEL™, and Silica Gel. They are available in mean particle diameters from 1.8 µm to 200 µm and with oil absorption capacities from 30 ml/100 g to 400 ml/100 g to suit any application. Surface areas are available from 40-800 M2/g. The ability to select the sphere size, pore size and spherical structure of fine silica products makes it possible to provide long-lasting, physiocochemical-specific characteristics to specific media.




  • Particles: 3 - 20 μm
  • Superior moisture absorption capacity: 30 - 400 ml/100 g
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Corrosion-free and non-polluting


  • Ultra-thin scaly silica particles with high transparency
  • Primary particle is less than 0.1 μm
  • Odorless, harmless
  • High chemical stability
  • Two forms: powder and slurry dispersed in water

M.S. (Microsphere) Gel™:

  • Particles: 2 - 200 μm
  • Specific surface: 30 - 900 m2/g, pore size (4 - 200 nm)
  • Spherical, all-porous fine particles free from cavities and cracks
  • Packs into compact form
  • Low back pressure and good separation performance

Silica Gel:

    • 1.7 mm to 3.5 mm desiccant for packaging; 2.8 mm to 4.5 mm desiccant for industrial application
    • High grade desiccant consisting of SiO2



  • Cosmetic ingredient in make-up, lipsticks and eye products
  • Matting agent and surface modifier
  • Dehumidifying agent
  • Filler for ink-jet print paper
  • Thickening agent (cosmetics and paint)
  • Catalysts supports


  • Filler for cosmetics and paint
  • Release controller for fragrance and drug delivery agents
  • Binder for ceramics and inorganic coating materials
  • Humidity control, absorption and deodorization binder
  • Resin hybrid filler material
  • Gas barrier filler for corrosion prevention

M.S. (Microsphere) Gel™:

  • Process chromatography, separation and purification
  • Release agent for cosmetics, fragrances and antiseptics
  • Catalysts supports and resin fillers
  • HPLC packings

Silica Gel:

  • Widely used in food market and industrial applications because of high absorption capacity and safety
  • Process chromatography
  • Catalysts supports


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