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LUMIFLON™ Fluoropolymer Resins

lumiflonLUMIFLON® is the first solvent-soluble fluoropolymer resin for coatings that can be cured at room temperature or at elevated temperatures. LUMIFLON resins, used in topcoats, are ultra-weatherable, and maintain their excellent appearance on buildings, bridges, and other structures, as well as on aircraft, automobiles, and solar panels. LUMIFLON coatings protect steel, aluminum and other metals as well as concrete from degradation by UV light, wind and rain, and corrosion. A transparent fluororesin, LUMIFLON can be used to make both clear and pigmented coatings. Because of their ultra-weatherability, LUMIFLON based coatings offer substantial life cycle cost savings over conventional coatings. The resins can be formulated into coatings with a range of gloss (from high gloss to flat finishes) in more than 230 colors. LUMIFLON resins are available for almost any type of coating, including solvent based resins, powder coating resins, environmentally friendly solid resins for low VOC and HAPS free coatings, and water emulsion and water dispersion resins. For more information on the latest innovations related to LUMIFLON FEVE resins, please go to www.lumiflonusa.com.

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  • Outstanding UV light, chemical, and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance compared to conventional topcoats
  • Long-lasting color and gloss retention
  • Soluble in common solvents and compatible with water
  • Curable at room temperature or elevated temperature
  • Wide range of resin types for almost any coating market segment


  • Industrial Maintenance: Bridges, storage tanks, water towers
  • Transportation: Aircraft, automobiles, trains
  • Architectural: Metal composite panels, aluminum extrusions for window frames
  • Alternative Energy: Solar panels, wind towers


Name Date File size Hits    
LUMIFLON™ LF-200 2011-11-14 77.5 KB 1065
LUMIFLON™ LF-200F 2011-11-14 49.47 KB 1051
LUMIFLON™ LF-552 2011-11-14 81.94 KB 956
LUMIFLON™ LF-600X 2011-11-14 54.66 KB 974
LUMIFLON™ LF-710F 2011-11-14 70.05 KB 949
LUMIFLON™ LF-810 2011-11-14 60.16 KB 1084
LUMIFLON™ LF-910LM 2011-11-14 53.21 KB 887
LUMIFLON™ LF-916F 2011-11-14 66.59 KB 932
LUMIFLON™ FE-4400 2011-11-14 75.3 KB 960
LUMIFLON™ FE-4300 2011-11-14 70.27 KB 1021
LUMIFLON™ LF-9716 2011-11-14 51.21 KB 953
LUMIFLON™ LF-9721 2011-11-14 51.18 KB 936
LUMIFLON™ FD-1000 Products 2011-11-14 61.78 KB 1234

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Technical Documentation

LUMIFLON™ Solid Resins Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 78.26 KB 1749
LUMIFLON™ LF-9716 & LF-9721 Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 52.34 KB 1142
LUMIFLON™ LF-916F Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 74.02 KB 1191
LUMIFLON™ LF-910LM Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 90.24 KB 1079
LUMIFLON™ LF-810 Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 81.41 KB 1052
LUMIFLON™ LF-710F Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 36.78 KB 1020
LUMIFLON™ LF-600X Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 89.09 KB 1154
LUMIFLON™ LF-200 Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 84.09 KB 1271
LUMIFLON™ FE-4400 Isocyanate Comparison II 2011-11-14 82.74 KB 959
LUMIFLON™ FE-4400 Isocyanate Comparison I 2011-11-14 82.74 KB 1148
LUMIFLON™ FE-4400 Product Data Sheet for Coil Coatings 2011-11-14 71.25 KB 1018
LUMIFLON™ FE-4400 Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 71.85 KB 1098
LUMIFLON™ FE-4300 Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 71.33 KB 1203
LUMIFLON™ FD-1000 Product Data Sheet 2011-11-14 111.21 KB 1474