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ion exchange membrane

Improve Treatment and Purification with Ion Exchange Membranes

Ion exchange membranes are semipermeable membranes that separate dissolved ions in a liquid. Depending on the membrane’s electric charge, they allow certain ions to pass through while blocking others. Ion exchange membranes are used in manufacturing processes that require treatment and purification. Membrane technology is more cost-effective than evaporation technology because it is not energy-intensive, […]

Silica gel for HPLC packing

Advantages of Silica Gels for HPLC Packing Applications

Silica gel is one of the most versatile and effective agents used in chromatography today, making it also one of the most popular. It is a polar absorbent with slight acidity, enabling it to absorb basic contents in a material that needs separation during chromatography, while also remaining neutral and maintaining its own structure throughout […]