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There has never been a non-fluorinated sizing additive that could protect paper products like fast-food containers from both water and food oils. That has changed with AGC’s development of a new wet-end additive that can be added to fibers during production.

This next generation material science solution will replace current technology that is being phased out due to regulatory concerns and consumer preferences. It is made with natural materials that are safe, while maintaining its effectiveness as a repellent for molded fiber.

FibraLASTFibraLAST additives prevent the bleed-through of high-temperature liquids and food oils through the fiber – achieving 80 °C water and oil holdout performance. They can be used as an alternative to traditional oil sizing products, which are spray-coated on products after fabrication.

Besides being non-fluorinated these additives are made from plant derived components and don’t contain silicones or heavy metals.

They are FDA compliant for contact with all types of food, with the following limitations:

  1. Maximum loading of 20% active content by weight of oven-dried pulp
  2. Add prior to sheet forming
  3. Use in accordance with current good manufacturing practice

Kosher approval is pending, as is Kosher certification of the manufacturing facility. Also pending is BfR and BPI-certified compostable certification.

Fluorinated vs. Non-fluorinated Barrier Technology

Non-fluorinated sizing additives protect paper products from both water and food oils.





Coats Individual Fibers Coats fibers and fills pores in fiber network
Low surface energy of the fibers prevents penetration by higher surface tension liquids A single wet-end additive repels both water and oil
Unique combination of chemical and physical barrier
Liquids face a tortuous path to penetrate fiber network


Molded, formed fiber, and cardboard products, Fast-casual bowls, plates, containers and pizza boxes.

Test Results

FibraLAST was tested for holdout performance with a TAPPI kit. 80 °C corn oil was poured onto an untreated fiber plate, left to sit for 2 hours and observed. The same corn oil was poured onto the same type of fiber plate that was treated with FibraLAST. Virtually no bleed-through was observed on the treated plate and it received a score of 4.


Then the same test was performed using 90 °C tap water, again demonstrating virtually no bleed-through.


Click here to view a time-lapse video comparing oil poured onto molded products treated with FibraLAST and traditional sizing agents. It shows the results of corn oil on molded fiber trays for an hour.

Applying the moisture barrier

FibraLAST technology is designed for wet end processes. Since the additives are applied to the paper pulp before fabrication, no additional equipment or process is required. Pulp and paper mills can cost-effectively enhance their products with this barrier technology, providing a major competitive advantage for molded fiber products.

FibraLAST sizing agents are made in the U.S.A. and patent pending.

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