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Three Building Projects Nominated for Elevation Awards are Coated With LUMIFLON Specialty Chemicals

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The second annual Elevation Awards, sponsored by Durability + Design, recognizes architects, interior designers, painting contractors, manufacturers and suppliers who participated in outstanding building projects around the world. A panel of industry professionals judge the structures and buildings based on aesthetic and technical criteria.

Of the nominated buildings, three were coated with LUMIFLON® FEVE-based resins. The Amazon Spheres, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and Levy Park Pavillion are coated in these specialty chemicals to provide aesthetic-appeal and protect from weathering.

Amazon’s Spheres

The trio of spheres attached to Amazon’s headquarters in downtown Seattle, Washington, take architecture and horticulture to a whole new level. The domes are made of 2,643 panes of clear glass with the largest sphere reaching 90 feet tall and 130 feet in diameter. Inside the Amazon buildings, intermingled amongst the meeting spaces, canopy walkway, and restaurants are over 40,000 individual plants, including a 55-foot-tall, 48-year-old Fiscus rubiginosa named Rubi.

Mimicking a tropical rainforest, inside temperatures during the day can rise to 72 °F with 60% humidity, and drop to 55 °F with 85% humidity at night. To combat corrosion caused by the exposure to these elements, the spheres’ steel frames were coated with LUMIFLON FEVE-based fluoropolymer resins. This coating protects the structure from degradation caused by the constant condensation.

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum


The 45-year-old Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New York City, was recently renovated into a one-of-a-kind, multi-purpose arena. Famously home to the NHL’s New York Islanders, the arena’s stunning new exterior is made of 225,000 square feet of 4-millimeter aluminum composite material. Metal frames and 4,700 aluminum composite fins attached to the concrete exterior give the venue its futuristic look.

Designers decided to coat the new exterior façade with a fluoropolymer-based FEVE resin to protect it from weathering and guarantee long-lasting beauty. These specialty chemicals preserve the aluminum fins and allow them to retain their beautiful color and gloss for years to come.

Levy Park

Located in Houston, Texas, Levy Park is 6.9-acre public park that incorporates a modern and eco-conscious design. The park features a multi-purpose performance pavilion, a dog-friendly section, an area for gaming and reading, a child play area, and a three-tiered water feature. The park was designed for sustainability, with raised garden beds and a 7,500 square-foot rain garden that captures storm water to help reduce runoff.

The park’s buildings and structures are coated with LUMIFLON FEVE resins. These high-performance specialty coatings offer durability, weatherability, superior color and gloss retention properties.

More information on LUMIFLON FEVE resins here.

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