Introducing AFLAS 600X at the Offshore Technology Conference

AFLAS® 600X fluoroelastomers for offshore technology

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Once again we were excited to be a part of the Offshore Technology Conference. This event attracts oil and gas industry professionals from over 100 countries to share ideas about meeting global energy demands. At OTC we introduced AFLAS® 600X fluoroelastomers, which we developed especially for molded products like durable packers, bladders, gaskets and O-rings.

This conference never fails to impress visitors. The exhibitions of the latest state-of-the-art equipment, massive structures down to intricate parts, highly informative speakers and technical experts – all this in one place, indoors and outside. Of course, let’s not forget the fabulous food trucks and vendors!

In particular, we greatly appreciated having the chance to talk about how products made with AFLAS 600X last a lot longer in harsh oil recovery conditions. AFLAS 600x has improved processability and mold release, a lower compression set and improved hot tear strength. These benefits prompted visitors to comment to us that this grade would be an excellent choice for their ESP bags and O-rings. We’d like to thank everyone who visited our booth to discuss challenges in oil and gas recovery.

In addition, we’d like to give credit to the expo visitors. They covered a lot of ground – almost 600,000 square feet – to check out nearly 2,500 exhibitors. This was the 49th year for the OTC, and it attracted more than 64,700 attendees. They came to learn the latest on topics like deep-water projects, automation, site safety and underwater technology.

We’re honored to have done our small part in sharing our latest insights on making oil equipment components stronger and last longer. At the show, we also featured our other AFLAS products. These products have unique properties to meet the needs of various oil recovery operations. These properties include service temperatures for extremely hot, medium and cold applications.

If you missed us at the OTC, you can click to learn more about AFLAS for the oil and gas industry.


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