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Introducing M.S.GEL™ Spherical Silica Grades for Flash Chromatography and UHPLC

Fine silica gel for flash chromatography.

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Accurate, consistent chromatography analysis relies on the right instruments and components for each specific technique. That’s why AGC has developed new grades of M.S.GEL™ spherical silica as packing materials for flash chromatography and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography.

Silica gels are reliable, versatile chromatography packing materials. Silica is polar adsorbent, which means in the stationary phase it retains basic contents of the material that is being separated, then elutes it from the column last.

Another significant benefit of spherical M.S.GELs is that they don’t change structure during the analysis process. This means column packing and HPLC results are much better because the particles can be packed more evenly and compactly.

And highly pure spherical M.S.GELs remain neutral throughout the process, which ensures excellent separation and reliable results.

Flash Chromatography

Flash chromatography is primarily a purification tool. It is a specialized technique that uses compressed gas or a pump to push the solvent through the column of the stationary phase. The extra push lets the solvent flow faster rates versus conventional gravity flow. Because flash chromatography is quicker than standard column chromatography, it is ideal for separating and purifying larger quantities of compounds.

M.S.GEL FC grades reduce backpressure, which means they help to facilitate faster separation speed. And their good particle size distribution and high particle strength improve performance reliability. They are used in natural phase and reverse phase separation modes to separate materials like small molecules, polymers, organic materials and synthetic materials.

AGC offers M.S.GEL flash chromatography silica particles for high and low surface areas. Both types are available in particle sizes from 15 to 60 µm, surface areas of 400 to 700 m2/g and 5 nm pore diameters.

Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UPHLC) uses very short column length and high pressure to speed up flow rates and analysis time. This shorter retention time also means reduced consumption of the solvent. This technique requires stationary phase particle sizes of 2 µm or less, which leads to increased separation efficiency, optimal speed and exceptional mass transfer.

M.S.GEL silica EP-DF grades are designed for both analytical and preparative UPHLC with particle sizes from 1.5 to 5 µm. Surface areas measure 30 ~ 800 m2/g and pore size diameter from 60 ~ 1000A. They are used in natural phase and reverse phase separation modes to separate a variety of materials. And they provide low back pressure and good separation performance needed for UPHLC.

More M.S.Gel Chromatography Solutions

In addition to M.S.Gel grades for flash chromatography and UPHLC, AGC offers a wide selection of particle and pore sizes for analytical and preparative HPLC and size exclusion chromatography. Our experts are on hand to help you select the best grade for your application based on column type, separation mode and material to be separated or purified.

To learn more about M.S.GEL Fine Silica grades for chromatography, click here.

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