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Smudge-Resistant Transparent Coating Protects Glass, Metal, Plastic and Stone Surfaces

camera lens protected by antismudge coating

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Technology like touch screens, cameras and sensors has become a staple in our daily lives. However, defending their delicate surfaces from contaminants or fingerprints is no easy task. Whether the goal is to improve safety, maintain aesthetics or reduce maintenance, adding the right protective coating is critical. That’s why AGC developed SURECO™ 2320. This fluorinated surface treatment agent provides excellent water and oil repellency as well as anti-fouling properties and cleanability.

Why Protect Surfaces?

Adding a protective transparent coating goes beyond giving the surface an attractive, sleek look. These coatings can also protect fragile surfaces from damage. Technology users want their devices to look and perform at their best, but also to be protected from damage caused by contact with dirt, water, and fingerprints. automotive surfaces protected by anti-fingerprint coating

For architectural applications like glass doors, shower stalls, countertops and appliances, adding a protective coating to repel fingerprints, water or dust can help reduce the time spent cleaning and maintaining interior surfaces. In addition, a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating can help prevent serious damage from accidental water or oil contact.

Protects a Variety of Substrates

When it comes to protective coatings, they are not one size fits all. As many product designers know, it is particularly difficult to get coatings to adhere to glass. SURECO 2320 can be applied on many difficult substrates including:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Stone

It is widely used to protect electronics screens, interior architectural surfaces, interior automotive surfaces, laser and biomedical optics, granite countertops, and ceramic tiles. With a film thickness of less than 10 nm, SURECO 2320 provides a smooth finish without adding friction to the surface.

Compared with competitive products, SURECO 2320 coatings provide superior resistance to heat and abrasion. They are durable and non-flammable to safely protect surfaces from daily wear and tear.

Easy to Apply

SURECO 2320 transparent coating can be applied through a variety of easy-to-use methods. A thin layer can be applied on surfaces using wet processes like spray, dip or spin methods. It can also be applied through dry processes like vapor deposition.

SURECO 2320 In Action

AGC Chemicals Americas will be featuring SURECO 2320 at the Photonics West Show at Booth #4868 (February 1-6, 2020) in San Francisco. For more information, speak with a product expert or visit the product page.

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