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AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers

Aflas Fluoroelastomer

AFLAS® fluoroelastomers are the material of choice for parts and components that need to perform reliably in the world’s harshest environments. AGC formulated AFLAS resins from alternating copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene to achieve unique properties over conventional FKM-type fluoroelastomers. These properties include outstanding resistance to heat, chemicals, acids, bases, solvents, ozone and steam.

Fluoroelastomer grades

  • 150 Series – standard grade – these elastomers are ideal for extrusions and compression molding that require electrical insulation properties
  • 100 Series – high strength grade – these elastomers are ideal for applications that require mechanical strength
  • Latex Series – liquid grade – these elastomers are ideal for binders or coating materials
  • AFLAS 200P – specialty FKM for improved performance at cold temperatures
  • PM-1100 and PM-3000 FFKM series - for ultra-hot temperatures

Select AFLAS when failure is not an option

AFLAS 100 and 150 series fluoroelastomers are easily compounded by open mill and internal mixers. These compounds are then fabricated into finished parts and shapes using press molding, injection molding, extrusion and calendaring processes. AFLAS parts are used in many industries including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Processing
  • Heavy Duty Diesel
  • Automotive
  • Wire & Cable
  • Industrial
  • Food Handling and Pharmaceutical

AFLAS 200P specialty FKM maintains good base resistance and offers improved performance at cold temperatures. AFLAS PM-1100 and PM-3000 FFKM series fluoroelastomers are peroxide-curable and hold their performance at temperatures up to 270 degrees C.

Manufactured without PFOA! For more information, click here.


  • Resistant to highly reactive organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Excellent volume resistivity (greater than 1016Ω cm)
  • Radiation resistance up to 200 MRad of gamma-ray radiation
  • Unaffected by extended exposure to 200 °C steam
  • Continuous use at 230 °C
  • Resistant to highly reactive organic and inorganic chemicals

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