Intermediários e Ingredientes Especializados para Produtos Farmacêuticos e Compostos Agroquímicos


We provide fluorine-containing building blocks used as active ingredients and advanced intermediates in pharmaceutical and agrochemical manufacturing. Producing fluorinated molecules for such large-scale production is a highly specialized field. AGC has skilled, experienced teams around the world to drive research, development and production of these specialty chemicals.

Supply Chain Partnering

With cGMP plants in Chiba Japan, and Barcelona, Spain, we are a proven reliable, global supply chain partner. We can provide multi-step synthesis of key intermediates, raw materials and APIs at yearly quantities from 100 kilograms to 100 metric tons.

Our Fukui, Japan plant (AGC Wakasa Chemical Co.) is dedicated manufacturing site for specialty and agrochem businesses.  We supply fungicides and insecticides (including ingredients and intermediates) from 10 metric tons to several thousand metric tons per year.

Contract Manufacturing

We offer small molecule  active ingredient and intermediate contract manufacturing services. With comprehensive technical expertise and current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) facilities around the world, we are uniquely positioned to provide custom synthesis for clinical trials, process R&D and commercial scaleup of these fine chemicals for pharmaceutical and agrochemical products. Our contract manufacturing services help our clients accelerate their product development and reduce costs through efficient and proven processes.


We have a global presence with strategically located cGMP manufacturing plants in Japan and Europe, as well as sales offices in the U.S., Netherlands and Japan. Click here to see facilities map.

  • Variety of fluorinated building blocks and fluorination technologies
  • Handling of F2 gas and fluorinated compounds
  • cGMP facility and API manufacturing
  • Ultra-Low temperature to -100 °C
  • High-quality C3 compounds
  • Metallocene co-catalysts

Our core technologies include direct or indirect fluorination, specializing in hazardous chemistry including:

  • Using fluorine gas and hydrogen fluoride directly
  • Handling highly corrosive substances like chlorine and bromine
  • Carrying out ultra-low temperature reactions (to -100° C)
  • Managing sulfur chemistry (odor control, etc.)
  • Advanced pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates
  • Mono- and di-fluorinated heterocyclics

Chiba CMP plant

  • Reactor Capacity: 18m3
  • Both commercial and clinical phase APIs / intermediates

Chiba CMP2 plant

  • Reactor Capacity: 90m3
  • Both commercial and clinical phase APIs / intermediates

AGC Wakasa Chemicals

  • Dedicated to specialty chem and agrochem businesses
  • Borate based activators and various pesticides
  • AGC Pharma Chemicals Europe, S.L.U.
  • Reactor Capacity: 117m3
  • Both commercial and clinical phase APIs / intermediates
AGC Chemicals