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We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Glass Company, Ltd. of Japan that manufactures, markets and sells high-performance fluoropolymers, custom compounds, fluoroelastomers and other specialty chemicals to diverse industries around the world.  Our strengths include a customer-centric approach to creating solutions, technical support and innovation, as well as consistent supply of high quality environmentally friendly materials. more...

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News about HCFC Allocation Rule and use of AsahiKlin AK-225 after 2014

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March 7, 2014 - AGC Chemicals Americas to Present Benefits of FEVE Resins in Industrial Coatings at Spring Fluoropolymers Conference 2014-03-07 167.34 KB 178
January 27, 2014 – AGC’s High Performance Fluon®ETFE Film Used in Natural Turf Stadium in Sochi, Russia 2014-01-29 502.1 KB 663
December 10, 2013 - Fluon® ETFE Rotolining Powders Provide Superior Corrosion Protection for Tanks, Valves, Pipes, Pumps and Vessels 2013-12-06 692.99 KB 579
November 26, 2013 - Solesphere H-121 Fine Silica Outperforms Petrochemical - based Microspheres in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products 2013-11-27 902.26 KB 603
November 12, 2013 - Lightweight AFLAS ® Insulation Rubber allows for thinner High Voltage Cable in Automotive Applications 2013-11-11 269.85 KB 659

Upcoming Tradeshows

2014 Exhibits

  • ITB's Automotive Energy Storage Conference – March 5-6, Novi, MI
  • American Coatings Show – April 8-10, Atlanta, GA, Booth 856
  • Offshore Technology Conference – May 5-8, Houston, TX, Booth 3104
  • MD&M East – June 10-12, New York, NY, Booth 2046
  • Global Petroleum Show – June 10-14, Stampede Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Booth #4204
  • Specialty & Agro Chemicals America – September 8-10, Charleston, SC, Booth 110
  • MD&M Minneapolis - October 29-30, Minneapolis, MN, Booth 1617
  • IWCS – November 9-12, Providence, RI, Booth 400


New Technical Papers Available

Fluon® ETFE and Conductive Carbon Black - Perfect Together 2011-11-21 204.42 KB 4257
AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers Adhesives Technical Paper 2011-11-21 231.5 KB 4002
AGC Successful in Developing the Next Generation of Polyurethane Foams for Mattresses 2011-11-21 719.1 KB 4321
Fluon® ETFE Rotational Molding and Lining Resins Product Information 2011-11-21 82.46 KB 4005
FEVE Fluoropolymer Technology for High-Performance, Long-Life Coatings on Steel and Concrete Bridges 2011-11-21 329.09 KB 4547
Making the Most of the New Breed of Fluorochemical Treatments for Paper 2011-11-21 2.35 MB 3241
The Power of Prevention: How to Use of Ultra-Weatherable Fluoropolymer Coatings Preserves Bridge Appearance Lowers Life Cycle Cost 2012-05-11 1.9 MB 2875

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