AGC products perform reliably in harsh applications and support industrial processes

Fluoropolymers, membranes and fine silicas have many industrial uses, especially in the chemical processing industry. For example, valves, fittings, housings and pipes compounded with fluoropolymer resins are able to resist harsh chemicals.

We offer:

  • FDA compliant resins
  • Viscosity and separation control for 3D printing resins
  • Membranes to produce chlor-alkali
  • Membranes to demineralize food
  • Membranes to reduce energy consumption

Products for Industrial Applications

Fluon+™ compounds are ideal for seals and O-rings for pumps that need to continue performing reliably in severe environments.

Engineered plastics modified with fluoropolymer technology such as Fluon+mPLASTICS demonstrate improvement in impact strength and wear resistance required for tubing, wiring, gears and bearings.

Certain grades of AFLAS® fluoroelastomers are FDA compliant, making them an ideal choice for food and beverage processing applications.

FORBLUE™ family of ion exchange membranes optimize industrial processing efficiencies and reduce energy consumption. FLEMION membranes are ideal for chlor-alkali production. S-SERIES membranes are used for electrolysis or electrodialysis processes. SELEMION membranes are used in the demineralization of food and in wastewater treatment facilities.

3D printing (additive manufacturing) has become a highly efficient and viable method of manufacturing all sorts of intricate components. RESIFA™ SOLESPHERE particles are very spherical and pure. They provide viscosity and separation control for 3D printing resin formulations.

This non-fluorinated barrier technology protects paper from both oil and water. FibraLAST™ coatings also provide water repellency and hydrophilicity to textile products.

Contact one of our fluoropolymer experts to discuss your specific application.

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