AsahiGuard Repellents

Fluorinated water/oil repellents for fabrics, nonwoven fabrics and other materials

AsahiGuard E-SERIES products are low surface tension water/oil repellents.

Drawing on fluorine’s extraordinary properties, these specialty chemicals provide excellent protection and durability against water, oil and dry soil without changing the texture, color or breathability of a fabric or material.

Textiles and non woven fabrics treated with AsahiGuard E-SERIES grades resist dirt and, when they do become dirty, are easy to clean. That’s because their very low surface tension makes oils, stains and water bead rather than soak into materials. When applied, these coatings can keep fabrics, nonwovens, leather, carpet and uniforms looking new longer. They can also be used in combination with other agents such as starches and fixatives.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES repellents have appropriate clearances in the U.S. (Toxic Substance Control Act), in the EU and in Japan (Chemical Substances Control Law). They also comply with Food Sanitation Law in Japan and are approved by the FDA in the United States and BfR* in Europe for food packaging use.

The following products are bluesign®-registered: AG-E061, AG-E081, AG-E082, AG-E092, AG-E300D, AG-E400, AG-E904, AG-E100, AG-E550D, AG-E610.

*Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung — Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

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  • Durable against high temperatures and varying weather conditions
  • Adaptable to different materials
  • Excellent dry soil resistance
  • Protect textiles without affecting color or texture
  • Water and stain repellent properties
  • Easily cleaned

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