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Fluon+ Modifiers


Fluon+ Modifiers are functionalized fluoropolymers into existing polymer matrices and composites. Additives greatly improve a material’s impact resistance, so these fluoropolymers demonstrate superior performance. Additives can also reduce defects that occur under high-temperature molding, improving yields. This technology can also be applied to engineered plastics to enhance tolerance against high loads and high temperatures. Modifying composites and plastics with fluoropolymers provides excellent water absorption, wear resistance, surface protection, low coefficient of friction and flame retardancy.

Modifier products include LH-8000 powder (JBB-001), EA-2000 powders (PW10 and PW50), and Fluon® PTFE and FEP micropowders that provide lubricity properties to rubber and plastic compounds or dispersed in liquids to improve friction and wear properties of the base material.

  • Specific gravity
  • Tensile strength & elongation
  • CIELAB color analysis
  • Pigment dispersion analysis
  • TGA & DSC
  • Optical microscope w/camera
  • FT-IR
  • Impact testing & hardness
  • Melt flow indexer
  • Conductivity/resistivity
  • Capillary rheometer
Fluoropolymers modifiers.
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