FORBLUE™ Membranes and Dispersions

AGC launched the FORBLUE™ brand in 2017 as new separation solutions for various chemicals. This brand includes various products, such as membranes for electrochemistry, chlor-alkali electrolysis, electro/diffusion dialysis; perfluorinated polymer electrolyte dispersions for fuel cells and water electrolysis; membrane gas dryers for medical and pneumatic applications.

FORBLUE products are used in many industries including H2 production, Cl2 production, acid recovery, wastewater treatment, salt removal, groundwater desalination and fuel cells.

A fluorinated ion exchange membrane used to produce caustic soda/caustic potash in electrolysis plants.

An environmentally friendly membrane gas dryer that does not require any power supply or maintenance.

A hydrocarbon type ion exchange membrane used for diffusion dialysis, electrodialysis and electrolysis.

A fluorinated cation exchange membrane used for electrolysis or electrodialysis processes.

A perfluorinated polymer is dispersed in a solvent used for electrolyte membranes and electrodes of fuel cells. 

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