RESIFA™ SOLESPHERE™ Silicas for Cosmetics, Personal Care, Skin Care

Environmentally safe microspherical particles that do not contain plastic or petroleum

Microspherical particles that can enhance the performance of skin care products

RESIFA™ SOLESPHERE™ silica microspheres are natural, environmentally safe additives that can enhance the performance of cosmetics, sun care and skin care products.


  • Appearance: dry, fine, white, spherical powder
  • Amorphous
  • Microspherical silica size range (3–20 μm)
  • Porous and nonporous grades
  • Natural material
  • Non-nanoparticle, non-plastic
  • INCI: Silica
  • ECOcert and COSMOS certified
  • Halal and Kosher certified
  • Manufactured in Japan; Available worldwide

Product Benefits

  • Enhances the feel and texture of formulations
  • Improves spreadability
  • Reduces greasiness and stickiness
  • Provides SPF boost to both organic and inorganic UV actives
  • Absorbs oil and perspiration
  • Provides excellent soft focus or mattifying effect
  • Minimizes pores
  • Suitable in oil-in-water, water-in-oil, and anhydrous formulations
  • Encapsulates oils to form powders and gels

SOLESPHERE can provide:

  • Oil and sweat absorption
  • Matte finish
  • Soft focus effect
  • Exfoliation
  • Oil encapsulation
  • Improved feel and texture
  • SPF boosting

Five key SOLESPHERE grades–H-51, H-53, H-121, H-33 and NP-30–can impart the desired mix of performance qualities into a formulation including:

    • UV boost
    • Reduced greasiness, stickiness
    • Oil and perspiration absorption
    • Mattifying/blurring/light-scattering effect
    • Pore minimizing
    • Silky smooth texture (spreadability, glide)
    • Scrub/exfoliant effect (abrasiveness)
    • Leaves skin looking/feeling hydrated and glowing
  • Particle sizes: 3–20 μm
  • Pore diameters up to 11 nm
  • Moisture and oil absorption capacity: 30–400 ml/100 g
  • Excellent heat resistance

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