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RESIFA™ SUNSPERA™ Fine Silica Products for Catalyst Supports Product Page


AGC offers a wide range of silica products – under the name RESIFA™ SUNSPERA™ –  for catalyst supports.

Polyethylene and Polypropylene Manufacturing

The properties of SUNSPERA silica gel have a significant effect on the polymerization process and properties of the finished polymer. SUNSPERA particles' pore structure, spherical shape and particle distribution are precisely defined. Using them as catalyst supports improves the morphology and increases the bulk density of the finished polymer resin. It also improves productivity. The SUNSPERA product line has grades suitable for liquid phase/slurry processes and gas phase processes.

Organic Synthesis

SUNSPERA catalyst supports are also used in the organic synthesis of a wide range of organic compounds which require higher activity and particle strength. A range of grades are available with high surface areas, small pore volumes and high particle strength to meet these special requirements. The high surface area enables higher loading of the catalyst, which leads to higher activity.

SUNSPERA silica is available in particle sizes from 3µm to 70µm, with surface areas ranging between 40-800 m2/g. The ability to select the particle size, pore size, and spherical structure of this fine silica product makes it possible to provide long lasting physiochemical-specific characteristics to specific media. The silica particles are very spherical, have a very uniform pore structure and a narrow particle size distribution. As an added benefit, SUNSPERA particles do not foul the reactor/process equipment.


  • Spherical, uniform porosity, narrow particle size
  • Particle sizes: 3 - 100 μm
  • Pore diameters up to 1000 Å
  • Surface area: 40-800 m2/g
  • Improved morphology of finished polymers
  • Optimizes production/higher catalytic activity
  • Narrow particle distribution and no fine particles
  • No fouling of reactor or processing equipment

  • Developed for catalyst supports for manufacturing PE and PP resins using either liquid phase/slurry processes or gas phase processes.
  • Special grades are available for organic synthesis used to manufacture a wide variety of organic compounds
Silica products for catalyst supports.
Fine silica products(RESIFA™ SUNSPERA™) for polyolefin polymerization and the synthesis of organic compounds.
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