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Fluon+ mPLASTICS are new compounds modified with fluoropolymer resins. These fluoropolymer  can be tailored to achieve specific performance requirements.

Fluon+ mPLASTICS exhibit many of the desirable properties of engineered plastics with added flexibility.  They are ideal for applications such as wire and cable, films and sheets, tubing, pipe and electrical components.  These fluoropolymer compounds have inherent heat resistance that can be enhanced by radiation curing and cross-linked without curing agents or coagents.  Engineering thermoplastics incorporating fluoropolymer modification are PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and PPS (polyphenylene sulfide).

  • Impact resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Electrical performance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Chemical resistance

Extruded moldings

  • Film for electrical insulation
  • Wire and cable
  • Tube

Injection moldings

  • Gear member
  • Bearing retainer
  • Casing
  • Case body

Gaskets Cutting and Processing

  • Plate / Sheet
  • Round / Cylindrical bar

  • Specific gravity
  • Tensile strength & elongation
  • CIELAB color analysis
  • Pigment dispersion analysis
  • TGA & DSC
  • Optical microscope w/camera
  • FT-IR
  • Impact testing & hardness
  • Melt flow indexer
  • Conductivity/resistivity
  • Capillary rheometer
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