FORBLUE™ SELEMION Ion Exchange Membranes

Hydrocarbon type membranes used for diffusion dialysis, electrodialysis and electrolysis.

Membranes to dilute and concentrate ionic materials with electro/diffusion dialysis

Since 1950, FORBLUE™ SELEMION ion exchange membranes have been available to dilute and concentrate ionic materials with electro/diffusion dialysis. Instead of conventional ion exchange resins that use a stack of ionic particles with binder resins to connect the particles, SELEMION film-like membranes use the amorphous phase for:

  • Cation-exchange electrodialysis
  • Anion-exchange electrodialysis
  • Anion-exchange diffusion dialysis
  • Anion-exchange membrane water electroylsis

AGC also offers DW-Lab, a laboratory scale electrodialyzer to experiment with SELEMION membranes. It comes with rectifier, pumps, tanks and all required accessories.

  • High ion selectivity
  • Thin membrane
  • Low resistance
  • High strength
  • Anion-exchange membrane for water electrolysis and redox flow batteries

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