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FORBLUE™ i-SERIES Ionomer Dispersions


FORBLUE i-SERIES ionomer dispersion grades are perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) ionomer dispersions in an aqueous media (alcohol/water). They boost the power and durability of hydrogen fuel cells in fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). Compared to competitive ionomer dispersions, i-SERIES dispersions enable FCVs to have a greater energy output and more reliable long-term operation because i-SERIES enables increased proton conductivity and chemical and mechanical stability.

AGC offers two grades of i-SERIES ionomer dispersions for electrodes:
• IC100 designed to boost an electrode’s resistance to cracking
• IC154 designed to boost electrode performance

  • Boosts an electrode’s resistance to cracking
  • Boosts electrode performance
  • Good mechanical and chemical stability

  • Electrolyte membranes and electrodes in fuel cell (PEMFC)
  • Hydrogen production PEM electrolyzers (PEMWE)
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