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SOLESPHERE Fine Silica Particles Enhance 3D Printing Resins Used in Different Processes

3D printing has completely transformed our world with its countless applications. It’s not just about rapid prototypes anymore. Now, we’re using it for everything from crafting prosthetics and medical gadgets to creating stylish clothes and educational tools. 3D printing resins are a key component. They provide the desirable characteristics that regular fillers just can’t match….

AGC Supports Key Trade Associations to Lend Expertise in Fluoropolymer Technology

AGC Chemicals Americas, a leading name in fluoropolymer technology, is a proud member of many trade associations. The company actively collaborates with them to share its expertise in fluoropolymer technology  with resins and specialty materials, including films, and coatings. By partnering with these associations, we gain deeper insights into various industry needs. This collaboration allows…

AGC Chemicals Celebrates 100th Anniversary

We’re excited to celebrate the 100th anniversary of AGC Chemicals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Glass Company. Asahi Glass Company started its chemical business in 1917 with the production of soda ash. Since then, the company has grown substantially, expanding its expertise into chlor-alkali and urethane, gas and solvents, fluoroproducts and life sciences. 100 years…

3 Benefits of Covering Greenhouses with ETFE Film

When you invest in greenhouse structures, it’s important to take into account the durability of the covering material as well as the benefits to the plants that it will need to protect. Whether you are building new structures or considering a retrofit to increase your yield, ETFE film improves the growth efficiency of fruits, vegetables…

Fluoroelastomer Rubber Performs in Demanding Applications

After selecting a fluoroelastomer, it is important to perform tests and evaluations to verify its compatibility with the application’s demands. Avoid cheaper blends with inferior qualities and consider specialized grades for heightened performance.metic and personal care manufacturers looking to enhance their products and stay competitive.


AGC High Performance Fluoropolymer Materials Aid the Expanding Hydrogen Market

The popularity of hydrogen as a cleaner fuel alternative is on the rise. It plays a crucial role in refining petroleum to reduce sulfur content and in creating zero-carbon fertilizers and fuels via ammonia production. Additionally, hydrogen powers fuel cells. Each year the US generates about 10 million metric tons of hydrogen. AGC Chemicals Americas…

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