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PTFE Micropowders Add High Resistance and Lubrication Properties to Thermoplastic Parts, Rubbers, Inks, Paint and Oils

PTFE micropowders evolved out of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating materials that have been used for a long time in non-stick cookware. However, their uses extend beyond that. PTFE has many useful properties such as being resistant to water, heat, electricity, and friction. Because of these properties, PTFE can improve the durability and strength of thermoplastic and…

the I-74 Mississippi River Bridge – was designed with a fluoropolymer coating that included our LUMIFLON® FEVE resin.

LUMIFLON® FEVE-Based Paint Formulation Maintains Aesthetics and Durability of 2022 “Top Bridge”

Roads and Bridges Magazine top bridge of 2022 – the I-74 Mississippi River Bridge – was designed with a fluoropolymer coating system that included our LUMIFLON® FEVE resin. The LUMIFLON-based paint formulation was deemed an essential design element to improve bridge durability and aesthetics. Built in 2021 as a $355 million joint venture between Iowa…

Fluoroelastomers Outperform XLPE Wire.

AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers Outperform XLPE Wire for EV Cable

Electric vehicles use high-voltage cables to transmit electrical power to the charging port, battery, engine and other internal components. The automotive industry requires these cables to be lightweight to improve vehicle efficiency and all-electric range. These engines are very hot and contain harsh chemicals. An advanced insulation material is needed to protect cables from this…

Fluoropolymer compounds enhance the performance of electric vehicle wiring.

Fluoropolymer Compounds Boost the Performance of Electric Vehicle Wiring

New fluoropolymer compounds for flat wire jackets enable automakers to move away from traditional rounded wires and reach 96 percent occupancy. Electric vehicle manufacturers are persistently working to develop ways to improve engine performance, raise output density, increase motor efficiency output and make better use of space. Space utilization is particularly important with wiring. The…

Fluoropolymer coatings for buildings.

The Evolution of Fluoropolymer Coatings for Buildings and Structures

It’s always been a major challenge to protect buildings and public infrastructure from nature’s elements. Take bridges, for example. According to the 2021 Infrastructure Report Card, 42% are at least 50 years old and 7.5% of the U.S.’s 617,000 bridges are “structurally deficient,” meaning they are in poor condition. AGC formulators continually strive to develop resins…

Advanced materials production office.

New Office in Northern California

(AGCCA) has opened a new office in Cupertino, California, to support the advanced materials needs of semiconductor and electronics manufacturers located on the northern West Coast. The Business Development Office Chemicals (BDOC) will enable the company to build and enhance relationships in the region…relationships with customers, partners and technology associations and organizations. The office will…

Environmentally friendly and nonhazardous fluorosolvents(fluorinated solvents).

New Partnerships Expand Product Distribution Channels for Fluorosolvents and Fine Silica

We are excited to announce two new partnerships, allowing for greater distribution of our product lines. Chem Logic to promote and provide technical support for fluorosolvents for high-reliability cleaning applications Our strategic partnership with Chem Logic as an independent sales rep will help sell our environmentally friendly and nonhazardous fluorinated solvents to high-reliability parts manufacturers…

Non-fluorinated barrier can protect paper products.

New Non-Fluorinated Barrier Technology

There has never been a non-fluorinated sizing additive that could protect paper products like fast-food containers from both water and food oils. That has changed with AGC’s development of a new wet-end additive that can be added to fibers during production. This next generation material science solution will replace current technology that is being phased…

Fluoropolymer coatings for electronic components.

Transparent Amorphous Fluoropolymer Coatings Protect Sensitive Electronics and Optics Components and Transmit Light

Components inside devices can corrode when exposed to contaminants and moisture. This corrosion can reduce electronic performance and cause electrical shorts and device failure. Manufacturers use specialized coatings to protect these sensitive components. Factors to consider when selecting coating materials for electronics are the service environment, the component’s life span and the cost of the…

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