RESIFA™ Fine Silica Particles for Industrial Applications and Binders/Fillers

Fillers for polymeric resins, inorganic coatings and heat- and chemical-resistant paints.

Microspherical silica particles and functional fine particles

RESIFA™ SOLESPHERE™ fine silica particles are spherical and highly pure. The pore structure, spherical shape and particle distribution of SOLESPHERE and are precisely defined. They are available in particle sizes from 3µm to 20µm and have surface areas ranging between 40-800 m2/g. SOLESPHERE silica are very spherical, have a very uniform pore structure, as shown below, and a narrow particle size distribution.

RESIFA™ SUNLOVELY™ functional fine particles are microscopic secondary particles. They are formed by overlapping nano-sized ultra-thin silicon dioxide (SiO2) fine particles in parallel or by forming tertiary particles by three-way cohesion of the secondary particles. SUNLOVELY particles are used in many applications including fillers for polymeric resins and inorganic coatings and fillers for heat and chemical resistant paint materials.


  • Particle sizes: 3 - 20 μm
  • Pore diameters up to 11 μm
  • Moisture and oil absorption capacity: 30 - 400 ml/100 g
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Amorphous, corrosion-free, and safe for the environment and human body


  • Ultra-thin scaly silica particles with high transparency
  • Primary particle is less than 0.1 μm
  • Odorless, harmless
  • High chemical stability
  • Two forms: powder and slurry dispersed in water

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