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FibraLAST® Non-Fluorinated Barrier Technology Product Page


AGC’s new FibraLAST® non-fluorinated sizing additives protect paper products from both water and food oils. This new barrier technology is ideal for molded, formed fiber, and cardboard products such as fast-casual bowls, plates, containers and pizza boxes. FibraLAST grades are unique in that they provide both water and oil protection from a single wet-end additive. They prevent the bleed-through of high-temperature liquids and food oils through the molded fiber - achieving 80 ºC water and oil holdout performance. They are FDA compliant for contact with food of all types.

Since they are applied to the pulp before fabrication, no additional equipment or process is required.

FibraLAST non-fluorinated barrier technology is not currently available in all regions. FibraLAST grades for textiles and non-woven products are currently in development.


  • Non-fluorinated chemistry
  • Excellent alternative to traditional oil sizing product grades
  • Designed for wet end processes
  • Designed be applied to pulp instead of spray coating end product
  • Protect at high temperatures, even at 80 degrees C.
  • FDA compliant for food contact
  • Kosher-approval pending
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Patent pending

  • Molded fiber
  • Formed fiber
  • Cardboard
  • Fast-casual bowls, plates, containers and pizza boxes

  • Performance evaluation services
  • Testing for water and oil repellency
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Static decay testing
  • Surface resistivity testing
  • Exposure testing
Non-Fluorinated &  FDA-Compliant Additives.
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