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F-CLEAN™ Greenhouse Films Product Page


F-CLEAN™ ETFE film is a lightweight and durable material that lets in more light than glass, PE film, polycarbonate and PMMA sheets. These qualities make it the ideal covering material for greenhouses. ETFE film allows the highest UV transmission (94%) of all greenhouse coverings so that crops stay healthy and are ready for harvest as early as possible.

On the outside of a greenhouse, F-CLEAN remains naturally clean despite years of sun, rain and snow due to its low surface energy properties. On the inside, the it balances the amount of direct sunlight admitted to prevent condensation from forming and then dripping onto plants.

F-CLEAN plastic films offer many benefits:

  • Non-stick surface repels dirt
  • Snow slides off naturally
  • Anti-drip properties protect plants
  • Clear grades let in the full spectrum of solar light
  • Durable enough to last 25+ years

F-CLEAN ETFE film comes in various thicknesses from 60µm (2.4 mil) to 100µm (4 mil) and several grade options that diffuse light, reduce ultraviolet light, and filter out 99% of visible light.


  • F-CLEAN Clear (60µm, UV-Open) – admits the full spectrums of sunlight through the covering, providing the same light conditions as outside the greenhouse.
  • F-CLEAN Diffused Series (60µm, UV-Open) – provides highly diffused sunlight evenly while maintaining high light transmission.
  • F-CLEAN GR series – reduces the percentage of ultraviolet light admitted through the covering.
  • F-CLEAN Grey (100µm)– significantly filters visible light – up to 99% – to provide a cool environment in hot weather.
  • F-CLEAN Soft Shine (100µm)– enables light transmission of about 14%, while simultaneously blocking heat energy from solar light to prevent temperature build-up inside

  • Light transmittance up to 94%
  • Translucent to ultraviolet light
  • Anti-dripping and self-cleaning properties
  • Very high reflection and refraction rates
  • High tensile strength compared to other plastic films
  • Low degradation from sunlight and heat (more than 25 years without any deterioration)

  • Covering material for horticultural greenhouses
  • Diffused versions restrict light intensity for sensitive crops
  • Double layering of covered materials promotes heat retention, reducing the cost of heating
  • Ultraviolet block series controls amount of ultraviolet light
Greenhouse film that lets in more light than glass and allows the highest UV transmission.
F-Clean greenhouse film.
AGC Chemicals