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Fluon® ETFE Film


Fluon® ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is a high-performance fluorine-based plastic film. Fluoropolymer films are used around the world because they exhibit exceptional transparency, antifouling properties and durability.

ETFE film is ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from solar cells to architectural facades. Despite being lighter than glass, Fluon ETFE film will not easily rip or scratch over time, even in the harshest environments. The film has a high tensile elongation (200 – 510) and tear strength, as well as a thermal melting point of 260°C and a linear thermal expansion coefficient of 9.4.

Fluon ETFE film is available in various thicknesses and finishes ranging from 12µm to 250µm and with light transmission options of over 90%.

Release film for electronics

Fluon ETFE film is also used as a release film for electronics since it retains exceptional releasability and moderate cushioning at high temperatures. Almost no additives or plasticizers are used other than ETFE, so it will not contaminate products or devices. It can also be applied using either side interchangeably.

Buildings and structures made with Fluon ETFE film

  • Withstands temperatures over 200 °C
  • Light transmission is higher than 90%
  • Chemical and soil resistant
  • Easily cleaned simply by wiping surface
  • Superior tear strength
  • Absorbs noise
  • Non-sticking
  • Long-term weatherabilty
  • Nonflammable

  • Release film for electronics fabrication and RFP
  • Protective film for solar cells and noise absorbers
  • Roofing and architectural facades
  • Interior finishing
  • Lamination film for wallpaper

  • Optical testing
  • Fire testing through a 3rd party
  • Mechanical performance
Fluorine-based plastic film.
Fluorine-based plastic film
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