Fluon+™ EM-20020

Antimicrobial-treated ETFE compound

An antimicrobial-treated ETFE compound that protects extruded film and hoses

Fluon+™ EM-20010 is an antimicrobial-treated ETFE compound that protects extruded film and hoses against microbial degradation.  It is an ideal material for surfaces that benefit from durable cleanliness and protection against degradation by microorganisms.

The compound is formulated from melt-processable copolymers composed of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) and a specialty additive. This synergy of technologies results in the destruction of harmful microbes before they can degrade the material.

Fluon+ EM-20010 compounds are currently being used to produce several brands of antimicrobial-protected top-layer film for wall murals and other high traffic areas. Coating any substrate with this specialty fluoropolymer layer helps fight the propagation of microbes that can degrade the material. These compounds have excellent transparency and will not yellow over time.

Independent lab tests show that films made from EM-20010 ETFE reduce the growth of microbes that might degrade those films. It is more cleanable than other plastic laminates that are not based on ETFE. It withstands scrubbing and extreme temperatures, and is resistant to abrasion and harsh chemicals like alcohol.

Fluon+ EM-20010 is sold in pellet form, and can be tailored to incorporate other resin systems or meet customers’ required properties.

*This product does not protect users or others against food-borne (or disease-causing) microorganisms. Always clean thoroughly after use.

  • Reduces the growth of microbes that may degrade the extruded film
  • More cleanable than plastic laminates not based on ETFE
  • Abrasion resistant; scrubbable
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Excellent transparency; will not yellow over time
  • Tested according to ISO Standards 22196 and 21702
  • Base resin is FDA compliant for food contact applications (Food Contact Notification (FCN) 1914)
  • Nonflammable

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