ETFE Resins

Fluon® ETFE Resins

Provides superior physical toughness to meet a wide range of product applications.

Melt-processable copolymers composed of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene

Fluon® ETFE resins are melt-processable copolymers composed of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE). Their superior physical toughness and resistance to chemicals, UV and extreme temperatures make these resins ideally suited for a wide range of high performance products and components such as industrial wiring and electronics.

Fluon® ETFE Resins

ETFE resins are also resistant to ultraviolet light, so they are ideal for outdoor use. A 16,000-hour accelerated weathering test (comparable to 30 years’ exposure) produced almost no signs of film deterioration.

ETFE resins are available in pellet or powder form for processing using the following methods:

  • Extrusion molding
  • Injection molding
  • Blow molding
  • Electrostatic coating
  • Rotolining
  • Rotomolding

ETFE resin compounds are also available in a variety of color masterbatch concentrates, custom reinforcements or conductivity levels.

Fluon® LM-ETFE Resins

Fluon® LM-ETFE resins are modified to provide a 30 °C to 40 °C lower melting point than conventional ETFE resins. The wider temperature range allows for improved processability, flexibility and strength.

These low melting fluoropolymer resins are processable by conventional extrusion and injection molding techniques. They are also available in rotomolding, rotolining and adhesive grades.

Sunbesta® and Sunbesta ZV Fuel Hose Constructions Product Data Sheet

Manufactured without PFOA! For more information, click here.

ETFE Resins:

  • Continuous use temperature range from -200 to 200 °C
  • Resistant to low-temperature impact down to -80 °C
  • Superior tensile elongation and strength
  • Can be cross-linked with electron beam for increased toughness
  • Stable mechanical and electrical properties
  • UV resistance
  • Long-term weatherability
  • Excellent chemical resistance to inorganic acids/bases and organic solvents
  • Nonflammable material conforming to UL Standard 94V-0
  • FDA-compliant for Food Contact Notification (FCN) number 481

LM-ETFE Resins:

  • High heat resistance
  • 30 °C to 40 °C lower melting point than other ETFE materials
  • Outstanding resistance to weather and aging
  • Nonflammable material conforming to UL Standard 94V-0
  • Dielectric properties
  • Non-stick characteristics
  • Improved optical clarity; higher transparency than conventional EFTE
  • Higher limiting oxygen index (40% versus 31%)
  • Low smoke and flame characteristics
  • Can withstand flex of over 100,000 times
  • Can be cross-linked with electron beam for increased toughness
  • FDA-compliant for Food Contact Notification (FCN) number 481

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