RESIFA™ M.S.GEL Particles for Chromatography Materials

These particles enable higher loading capacity with lower column back pressure while providing good separation.

Microspherical silica gels particles that enables higher loading capacity

RESIFA™ M.S.GEL™ grades are highly pure microspherical silica gels. The perfectly spherical shape of M.S.GEL particles enables higher loading capacity with lower column back pressure while providing good separation. M.S.GEL silica are commonly used in HPLC applications and are available in particle sizes ranging from 1.6 to 300 µm and pore sizes from 60 to 1500 Å.

AGC’s proprietary processes produce silica gels with narrow particle size distribution and the pore sizes are very uniform throughout the particles. The broad range of particle and pore sizes of M.S.GEL offer many solutions to a variety of needs including Flash Chromatography, Ultra HPLC, and Size Exclusion Chromatography used in HPLC equipment. M.S.GEL wide pore grades and sub 5 µm grades are used to purify or separate large molecules such as polymers, biopolymers, antibodies, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides and proteins.

Chemically bonded silica are also available. M.S.GEL can be bonded with C18, C8, C4, Phenyl, NH2, SP, CM, Epoxy, and Diol. AGC can help you find the best particle combination for your purification/separation needs.

  • Particles: 1.6 - 200 μm
  • Specific surface: 30 - 900 m2/g, pore size (4 - 200 nm)
  • Pore sizes: 60-1500 Å
  • Spherical, all-porous fine particles free from cavities and cracks
  • Packs into compact form
  • Low back pressure and good separation performance

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