RESIFA™ SOLESPHERE™ Fine Silica for Drug Delivery, Food and Nutraceuticals

These high purity silicas can be used as excipients to enhance stability, processability and other properties.

High purity silica excipient with a wide range of particle sizes and porosity options




Using SOLESPHERE™ high purity silica particles as excipients can add multiple performance improvements including:

Long-term stabilization: SOLESPHERE silica helps maintain the stability of drugs over time, protecting active ingredients from moisture issues and preventing caking in the processing stage.

Powdering liquids: SOLESPHERE silica has a remarkably high absorption capacity, enabling liquids to be easily encapsulated into powders. Oil absoption rates can reach 400 mL/100g.

Enhance properties of active ingredients: SOLESPHERE silica can enhance therapeutic properties. With its wide range of particle and pore sizes, it can function as a time-release agent.

Processing aid: SOLESPHERE particles have excellent flowability, which enhances viscocity and improves the processability of powder formulations. Their narrow size distribution provides uniform dosage of the final product.


Why SOLESPHERE silica?

  • High pore volume, high surface area, enabling a small volume of SOLESPHERE particles to carry large amounts of active ingredients.
  • Great angle of repose, achieving superior flowability in manufacturing processes
  • High moisture absorption capacity, protecting active ingredients from moisture issues.
  • Uniform spherical shape with narrow particle size distribution
  • High purity fine silica
  • Particle sizes: 3 - 20 μm (wide range of choices to control flowability)
  • Oil absorption capacity: 150-400mL/100g
  • Uniform particle size distribution
  • Recognized by several certifications including ISO9001, HALAL and Kosher, FDA.

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