Fluoromaterials keep energy equipment operating in extreme conditions.

Many of AGC’s fluoropolymer materials enhance the durability and performance of critical energy equipment components.

These materials enable:

  • Strong and flexible high voltage cable
  • Longer lasting seals and gaskets
  • More durable wind power blades
  • High-performance drilling tools
  • Reliable production equipment
  • Weatherable solar panels

Products for the Energy Industry

AGC offers a wide array of solutions for all stages of the Hydrogen Economy, from hydrogen production, storage and transport to renewable energy and fuel cells.

AFLAS® fluoroelastomers protect components used in oil and gas operations from extreme heat, chemicals and steam.

Seals and gaskets made with low flow Fluon+™ filled PTFE compounds have excellent mechanical strength.

Coatings formulated with LUMIFLON® FEVE resins improve the durability of solar panels and wind turbine blades.

Fluon® ETFE film protects the back and top sheets of solar panels from extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals.

Fluon+ AR-ETFE melt processable compounds improve the flexibility of high voltage subsea cables, making them easier to handle.

Contact our fluoropolymer experts to discuss your specific application.

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