Electronics & Mobility

Fluoromaterials clean and enhance electronic parts and components.

Fluoromaterials can enhance many electronic and mobility components, imparting signal quality, insulation, fire safety, encapsulation and high-temperature stability. They can also effectively clean electronic components and circuit boards that need to perform in critical environments.

These materials can:

  • Impart signal quality, insulation and fire safety
  • Provide encapsulation and high-temperature stability
  • Effectively clean electronic components and circuit boards

Products for Electronics & Mobility

Resins and films made with Fluon+ ADHESIVE enhance connectivity of copper clad laminates on printed circuit boards. They also reduce signal loss in antennas and sensors.

Jacketing made with Fluon+™ Melt Processable Compounds fluorinated concentrates insulates wire and cable constructions and is inherently flame retardant.

These films retain exceptional releasability and moderate cushioning at high temperatures, making them ideal release films for electronics and semiconductor encapsulation.

CYTOP® Amorphous Fluoropolymer coatings have thermoplastic characteristics that make them ideal for coating electronic materials. These coatings can impart transparency, solubility, insulation and chemical resistance.

These ultra-clean materials are used for semiconductor wafer production due to their excellent plasma resistance.

These fluorosolvents are used as precision cleaning agents for electronic components such as copiers, cellular phones and camera parts. They are also used to deflux printed circuit boards.

These fluorosolvents are used to clean high-precision plastic and electronic components such as reflector glasses for laser printers, audio and video heads, and lenses.

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