Life Sciences

Supporting labs and medical facilities to improve safety and achieve more efficient processes.

AGC creates products that impart performance characteristics in personal care and sun protection products. They also improve separation and identification processes in gas chromatography.

These products include:

  • Fluoropolymer coatings
  • Protective films
  • Membrane gas dryers
  • Fine silica particles
  • Fluorinated intermediates

Products for Life Sciences

Hospital patients and staff are safer when their facility uses disposable nonwoven medical apparel and products coated with AsahiGuard E-Series repellents. These fluoropolymer-based oil, water and stain repellents provide a durable barrier of protection from blood and other bodily fluids.

These membrane gas dryers contain hollow fibers that help control moisture in medical equipment. FORBLUE™ sunsep dryers can remove water vapor from a patient’s breath samples or it can humidify therapeutic oxygen for a more comfortable patient experience.

Microspherical silica is an ideal additive for personal care products like makeup, skin cream and sun care lotion. Products that use RESIFA™ SOLESPHERE™ particles feel smoother and less abrasive when applied to the skin. The particles can also be used to achieve a matte appearance that hides skin imperfections. Adding these particles to sunscreen formulations boosts their SPF, enabling fewer organic or inorganice active ingredients to be used.

Fine silica for chromatography and peptide/protein purification is very effective in separation and identification processes. This is because RESIFA™ M.S.GEL particles have a perfectly spherical shape and a wide particle size distribution ranging from 1.6 to 300 µm.

Fluon+™ Antimicrobial-Treated ETFE Compound

We recently developed a Fluon+™ product formulated with ETFE and an anti-microbial filler. This product produces a protective film that can prevent the spread of bacteria, infectious diseases and viruses in hospitals, schools, restaurants and other public spaces.

Specialty Intermediates and Ingredients for Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Compounds

AGC is uniquely positioned as a producer with expertise in fluorine chemistry. We provide fluorine-containing building blocks used as active ingredients and advanced intermediates. We offer the life science industry a cGMP facility and an API manufacturing experience.

Contact one of our fluoropolymer experts to discuss your specific application.

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