Ground Transportation

Fluoromaterials enhance the power and durability of vehicle components.

AGC offers fluoropolymer materials that improve the performance of components used in electric vehicles, cars, buses, trains and other transportation vehicles.

These materials enable:

  • Light and flexible high voltage cables
  • Durable seals and gaskets
  • Powerful hydrogen fuel cells
  • Efficient flat and magnetic wires
  • Longer lasting engine parts
  • High resistance to battery coolant

Products for Ground Transportation

AFLAS® fluoroelastomers improve the performance of high voltage cables used in electric vehicles and high-speed trains. An alternative to cross-linked polyethylene, these elastomers add temperature resistance and flexibility to the cables and reduce their weight. 

Gaskets and rotary shaft seals made from Fluon+™ filled PTFE compounds lubricate automotive engine parts and resist corrosion.

Enhance the power and durability of hydrogen fuel cells with FORBLUE™ i-SERIES ionomer dispersions. These dispersions are chemically and mechanically stable, extending the life of fuel cells. They also increase fuel cell energy output as a result of their high proton conductivity.

Fluon+™ ADHESIVE grades protect hybrid and electric battery coolant lines from harsh chemicals. These grades also resist permeation to many fluids and gases, especially automotive fuels, and offer strong adhesion to polyamide polymers, particularly nylon 12.

Fluon+™ mPLASTICS and Fluon+ ADHESIVE compounds insulate flat and magnetic wires used in electric vehicles from currents over 800 volts. These compounds also improve the power and efficiency of the wires.

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