February 14, 2022 – New Partnership with Deveraux Specialties Bolsters Distribution of SOLESPHERE™ Gels for Skincare, Cosmetics and Sunscreen Formulations

New Partnership with Deveraux Specialties Bolsters Distribution of SOLESPHERE™ Gels for Skincare, Cosmetics and Sunscreen Formulations

EXTON, Pa., February 14, 2022 – AGC Chemicals Americas announces a partnership with Deveraux Specialties to distribute SOLESPHERE™ microsphere silica gels in the U.S. and Canada. These gels help formulators develop safer high-performance skincare, cosmetics and sunscreen products.

SOLESPHERE gels are made from silicon dioxide, a natural and sustainable material. They are non-nanoparticle, nonplastic, nonpetroleum ingredients and are Ecocert- and COSMOS-certified for safety and sustainability. They are ideal replacements for microplastic, petroleum-derived and nanoparticle ingredients.

Deveraux Specialties is a leading manufacturer and distributor to the cosmetics and personal care industry. Based in Sylmar, California, they provide ingredient sourcing, formulation services, warehousing, and product representation and sales.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Deveraux Specialties because of their presence in the cosmetics and personal care markets as well as their focus on natural, functional and future-friendly products,” said Michael Sweeney, SOLESPHERE Business, Sales and Marketing Manager at AGC Chemicals Americas.

SOLESPHERE gels offer a combination of sensory performance improvement and SPF protection efficiency and are suitable for oil-in-water, water-in-oil and anhydrous emulsion formulations.

SOLESPHERE microsphere silica gels can improve application smoothness, absorb oil and perspiration, give a matte appearance, minimize pores, reduce stickiness, diminish greasiness and provide abrasiveness for exfoliation. These silica gels are easy to use because formulators can add them to the oil or water phase, or even after they are combined.

In addition, they are an ideal SPF booster additive because they are environmentally safe and help to increase SPF to broad-spectrum effectiveness.

For details, visit the SOLESPHERE Fine Silica Gels information page.

To learn more about Deveraux Specialties, visit www.deverauxspecialties.com.

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