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ETFE Film Makes it Possible to Grow Natural Turf in a Multi-Use Arena

Most people assume the playing surface of an indoor arena is artificial grass or turf. However, Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin, New Zealand, constructed its roof using an ETFE film building material so they could grow natural grass and use the stadium year-round. When it opened in 2011, Forsyth Barr was the world’s first permanently […]

AGC to Feature ETFE Film for Innovative Architectural Structures at AIA 2018

If you’re serious about the field of architecture, you’re heading to the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018. This show (A’18 for short) provides full immersion into the latest trends, technologies and designs in the industry. We’re excited to meet the thought leaders who are presenting and attending. And we look forward to discussing our ongoing […]

Europe’s Largest Infrastructure Project Relies on Fluon® ETFE Film

The Canary Wharf regional tube station is a part of a major construction development ongoing in Europe. Located in London’s Docklands under Crossrail Place, this tube station will be an architectural marvel that links the City of London business district, the West End and Heathrow. Canary Wharf Station, designed by Lord Norman Foster, is a […]

Architectural Designs using ETFE film are Friendlier to the Environment

Architects recognize that ETFE film is a high-performance building material for membrane structures, facades and roofs. This material makes it possible to create moveable, semi-transparent shell structures that are dramatic, colorful and brilliantly illuminated from within. That’s why it’s been used in some of the world’s most creative architectural designs. Moreover, ETFE offers environmental advantages. […]

8 Ways Growers Yield Better ROI Using ETFE Greenhouse Film

A recent survey by Greenhouse Grower shows that growers, suppliers and researchers are optimistic about the state of the horticulture industry in 2017. In fact, 50% of the growers surveyed said they are planning to expand their production this year. They also plan to invest in greenhouse structures and coverings. When you invest in greenhouse […]