Fluon+ Adhesive Grades
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Fluon Adhesive

Fluon+ Adhesive Grades

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Fluon+ Adhesive grades are fluorinated adhesive resin compounds made with Fluon ETFE or PFA. They are used in applications requiring strong adhesion to polyamide polymers, especially nylon 12. These compounds also exhibit high permeation resistance to many fluids and gases, especially automotive fuels.

Fluon ETFE AH-600, AH-700 and AH-800 adhesive resins chemically adhere to dissimilar materials, reduce weight and eliminate tie layers in multilayer constructions. They are ideal for constructions that require unsurpassed conductivity levels, chemical and permeation resistance and protection against static buildup.

Fluon ETFE LH-8000 exhibits advanced adhesive properties that allow it to bond to dissimilar materials, such as polyamides, polyethylenes and metals. Its adhesive functionality is ideal for producing multilayer structures in a one-step process without surface treatment and by often eliminating the need for a tie layer. LH-8000 is used in the Sunbesta® two-layer fuel tube system, which provides excellent resistance to all fuels for long-lasting performance.

Fluon PFA EA-2000 perfluoro resin features a built-in functional adhesive group that enables one-step processing with other polymers and metals. This resin also eliminates the need for surface treatment or a separate adhesive layer.