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M.S. GEL™ Fine Silica for Chromatography

M.S. GEL™ (microspherical gel) grades are silica-based high purity spherical gels. The perfectly spherical shape enables higher loading capacity with lower column back pressure and good separation. M.S GEL is a liquid chromatography column packing agent available in an average particle size range of 1.6 to 300 µm with narrow particle size distribution. Additionally, the average pore diameter control range is 80 to 1000 Å and the pore size distribution is narrow. Custom orders are possible to combine particle size and pore diameter. Bonded silica are also available. M.S. GEL can be bonded with C4, C8, C18, NH2, SP, CM, Epoxy, Diol, and Phenyl.


  • Particles: 1.6 - 200 μm
  • Specific surface: 30 - 900 m2/g, pore size (4 - 200 nm)
  • Pore volume 60-1000A
  • Spherical, all-porous fine particles free from cavities and cracks
  • Packs into compact form
  • Low back pressure and good separation performance