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Polyols for Polyurethanes

Polyether polyols are key components used in the production of polyurethanes. AGC produces three grades: low monol polyether polyol, polyurethane foam and copolymer of polyether polyester. These polyols address major polyurethane applications for flexible and rigid polyurethane foams, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. AGC has been manufacturing a broad range of both commodity and specialty polyether polyols since 1974. These polyols range from low molecular weight products to specialty products with molecular weights exceeding 20,000. AGC employs a double metal catalyst process which results in polyols with ultra low monol content, and a narrow molecular weight distribution.

Polyether Polyol Applications

AGC polyether polyols are routinely used in a wide variety of applications such as: flexible foam for bedding mattresses and upholstered furniture, multiple automotive and transportation applications from car seats to dashboards, rigid board stock in roofing, spray foam insulation in walls of buildings, homes and refrigerators, plus many types of adhesives and sealants.

AGC has recently introduced polyols to make a new “hybrid foam” which combines the very best advantages of high resilience and visco foams while minimizing the negative features of these foams.

Preminol® (Low Monol Polyether Polyol):
  • Ultra-low unsaturated value polyol increases chemical and mechanical properties of CASE (coating, adhesive, sealant and elastomer) polyurethane products.