Our Values

AGCCA values teamwork and customer service very highly – for both internal and external customers –and we strive to provide tools, training and education to help everyone succeed. As a technology solutions provider, we also value innovative and creative thinking. AGC’s founder, Toshiya Iwasaki, once said, “Never take the easy way out, but confront difficulties,” so if you enjoy taking initiative and working collaboratively toward solutions, you will fit right in!

AGCCA also believes it is very important to be a solid community citizen. This means that we engage in a great deal of community outreach, and also that we strive to live up to AGC Chemicals’ “Chemistry for a Blue Planet”:

The Glory of Nature Inspires Us

Is it possible to protect the Earth and pursue human progress at the same time? We think so. Chemistry holds the key because it plays such as big part in so many industries. With chemical technology, we hope to create a world that is not only safe, secure and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. We believe that chemistry has the power to achieve all these goals without compromise. At AGC Chemicals we’re working towards a future that restores the glory of our planet’s past.

Creating a safe, secure, comfortable and environmentally friendly world with chemical technology.

AGCCA recently received the coveted Chemistry for a Blue Planet” Award from our parent company!

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