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AGC Supports Key Trade Associations to Lend Expertise in Fluoropolymer Technology

AGC Chemicals Americas, a leading name in fluoropolymer technology, is a proud member of many trade associations. The company actively collaborates with them to share its expertise in fluoropolymer technology  with resins and specialty materials, including films, and coatings. By partnering with these associations, we gain deeper insights into various industry needs. This collaboration allows…


AGC High Performance Materials Aid the Expanding Hydrogen Market

The popularity of hydrogen as a cleaner fuel alternative is on the rise. It plays a crucial role in refining petroleum to reduce sulfur content and in creating zero-carbon fertilizers and fuels via ammonia production. Additionally, hydrogen powers fuel cells. Each year the US generates about 10 million metric tons of hydrogen. AGC Chemicals Americas…

Silicon wafer coated with plasma-resistant fluoroelastomers.

New Ultra-Clean AFLAS FFKM Fluoroelastomers with Higher Heat Resistance for Semiconductor Plasma Process Applications

We recently added AFLAS® FFKM PM-5000 and PM-5500 grades to our line of fluoroelastomers. These perfluorinated elastomer grades meet the unique demands of semiconductor applications because they have high temperature durability, a high molecular weight and excellent resistance to O2 and NF3 plasma. These new grades build on the high-performance properties of other AFLAS FFKMs….

Non-fluorinated barrier can protect paper products.

New Non-Fluorinated Barrier Technology

There has never been a non-fluorinated sizing additive that could protect paper products like fast-food containers from both water and food oils. That has changed with AGC’s development of a new wet-end additive that can be added to fibers during production. This next generation material science solution will replace current technology that is being phased…

AGC Chemicals Streamlines New Product Development with A-I Platform

AGC Chemicals has improved its R&D operations by utilizing the Uncountable A-I Platform to develop new high-performance materials more efficiently. The company faced difficulties in sharing critical experimental information between its remote sites due to information silos and time zone differences between its Pennsylvania headquarters and central research center in Japan. Engineers worked independently, saving…

Fluoroelastomer Rubber Produces Superior and Environmentally-Safe Seals When Bonded with Waterborne Adhesives

In this blog post, we will be discussing the use of fluoroelastomer rubbers as an option for creating rubber parts and components. These parts, such as shafts, cylinder head gaskets, oil seals, and packer elements, are crucial in protecting sensitive equipment from harsh environmental conditions that may affect their performance. Rubber seals are also important…

AGC’s ETFE Film Has SoFi Stadium Covered for the Big Game!

While you are watching the Big Game on Sunday, take a minute to look up from the excitement on the field. That’s AGC’s ETFE film covering on Sofi Stadium’s state-of-the-art roof! Fluon® ETFE is a fluoropolymer film that has been used in some of the world’s most creative architectural structures. This high-performance building material is…

Fluorinated solvents receive SNAP approval.

Next-Gen HCFO Precision Solvents Receive SNAP Approval

Our new SNAP-approved AMOLEA™ AS-300 and AS-300AT solvents are helping to lead the way in providing environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives. They are not categorized as hazardous air pollutants, have a global warming potential of less than one and have higher exposure limits. They can be used in a vapor degreaser and are ideal replacements for…

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