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Fluorinated solvents receive SNAP approval.

Next-Gen HCFO Precision Solvents Receive SNAP Approval

Our new SNAP-approved AMOLEA™ AS-300 and AS-300AT solvents are helping to lead the way in providing environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives. They are not categorized as hazardous air pollutants, have a global warming potential of less than one and have higher exposure limits. They can be used in a vapor degreaser and are ideal replacements for…

Fluorosolvent Precision Cleaning - AMOLEA™

AMOLEA™ Fluorosolvents: Advantages and Applications of Next-Generation Precision Cleaning

Precision cleaning is frequently defined as the removal of particles less than a micron. This cleaning is required prior to assembly to ensure the safety and integrity of technically sophisticated parts and components. These include parts used in the automotive, aerospace, medical and electronics industries that could impact product performance if not properly decontaminated. In…

Environmentally friendly and nonhazardous fluorosolvents(fluorinated solvents).

New Partnerships Expand Product Distribution Channels for Fluorosolvents and Fine Silica

We are excited to announce two new partnerships, allowing for greater distribution of our product lines. Chem Logic to promote and provide technical support for fluorosolvents for high-reliability cleaning applications Our strategic partnership with Chem Logic as an independent sales rep will help sell our environmentally friendly and nonhazardous fluorinated solvents to high-reliability parts manufacturers…

cleaning solder flux with fluorinated cleaning solvents

Advantages of Fluorinated Solvents Over Aqueous Cleaning

For many industries like medical device, aerospace and automotive, it is imperative that parts and components be cleaned and degreased before they are assembled or shipped. However, while many cleaning solutions currently exist on the market, regulations for cleaning chemicals are becoming more stringent. Because of this, manufacturers are turning to more environmentally sustainable cleaning…

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