AGC Supports Key Trade Associations to Lend Expertise in Fluoropolymer Technology

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AGC Chemicals Americas, a leading name in fluoropolymer technology, is a proud member of many trade associations. The company actively collaborates with them to share its expertise in fluoropolymer technology  with resins and specialty materials, including films, and coatings.

By partnering with these associations, we gain deeper insights into various industry needs. This collaboration allows us to work alongside other manufacturers to develop and deliver innovative products that cater to evolving demands.

Let’s delve deeper into AGC’s associations and their fluoropolymer contributions.

The Wire and Cable Manufacturing Alliance (WCMA) serves manufacturers of low- to high-voltage electrical, electronic, and fiber optic wire and cable. AGC offers advanced fluorochemical solutions to this industry to boost wire and cable performance. Its Fluon+™ enhanced materials and compounds improve the durability, flexibility, and heat resistance of wire and cable products.

The Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) is dedicated to serving rubber processor executives across North and South America. AGC Chemicals serves this industry with PTFE Micropowders that improve mold release and wear resistance of rubber products due to low friction coefficient.  In addition, its AFLAS fluoroelastomers offer a cost-effective polymer option for compounding superior rubber-to-metal seals.

Membership within the Plastics Industry Association encompasses the entire supply chain including manufacturers of plastic products, equipment manufacturers, mold makers, material suppliers, and recyclers. The organization’s mission is driving more sustainable and globally competition as well as innovation to solve problems.  Last year, AGC Chemicals was a conference sponsor of PLASTICS 2022 Fluoropolymers Division Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida that discussed industry trends that will increase the need for fluoropolymers, supply chain challenges, and new product and application developments.

THE ALLIANCE for Responsible Atmospheric Policy was established to help businesses that relied on hydrofluorocarbons to jointly develop US and international policies addressing stratospheric ozone depletion. AGC Chemicals Americas is a member of the Alliance committed to developing new generation low global warming potential alternative refrigerants and foam blowing agents to reduce HFC emissions by 80% by 2050.

The MidAtlantic Rubber and Plastics Group is part of the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society which promotes interactions among polymer manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials, and products of rubber products. AGC Chemicals serves among its members to educate, connect, and grow the evolving elastomer industry.

The Energy Polymer Group is dedicated to advancing polymer technology and education in the energy sector. AGC Chemicals is a Platinum Partner Sponsor that attends technical meetings and educational symposiums to share its expertise and knowledge to advance this cause. This year, the company collaborated with Molecular Rebar Design and Swan Chemicals in a joint open innovation effort to introduce Molecular Rebar® carbon nanotubes into AFLAS to improve its durability when molding intricate parts for demanding applications.

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) advances the production, distribution and use of innovative, clean, safe and reliable hydrogen energy with its member organizations. AGC supports the hydrogen society with its FORBLUE ™ products, including membranes and ionomer dispersions.

International Molded Fibers Association (IMFA) promotes the use of molded fiber products and advocates environment sustainability. An industry member, AGC recently introduced a AGC’s a new wet-end additive that can be added to fibers during production. A non-flourinated sizing additive that prevents bleed-through of high-temperature liquids and fold oils through fiber, FibraLast is ideal for molded, formed fiber and cardboard products.

SAE International (formerly Society of Automotive Engineers) is committed to advancing mobility knowledge and solutions. AGC products are used everywhere in mobility, from automotives and display glass, ceramics and other high-tech materials and components.

FluoroCouncil of American Chemistry Council (ACC) is an affiliate of the American Chemistry Council that represents fluorotechnology companies. FluoroCouncil commissioned AGC to prepare a report on the impact of the industry in the U.S. It identified that fluoropolymers drive more than $2 billion of economic activity each year.

AGC Chemicals Americas offers the broadest range of high-performance fluoropolymers in the world including fluoroelastomers, PTFE, PFA and ETFE resins, fluoropolymer compounds, and advance materials.  Find out more about the company’s products and industry solutions at

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