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In any vehicle today, you can find over 40 automotive parts made with coated nonwoven materials – both in the interior and under the hood. Nonwoven fabrics are growing in popularity because they offer a variety of benefits for manufactures and end users. Nonwoven fabrics are:

  • Customizable to fit a large range of applications like fuel tanks, oil filters and floor mats.
  • Extremely durable, which improves the lifecycle of parts
  • Lightweight, so they reduce vehicle weight for better fuel efficiency
  • Cost-effective and more sustainable when compared to traditional alternatives

When nonwovens are coated with repelling agents, they perform better and last longer. Fluoropolymer-based repelling agents, like our AsahiGuard® line, enable fabrics to resist:

  • Oil
  • Water
  • Solvents
  • Dry Soil
  • Stains

The properties of repellent nonwovens make them the ideal material for automotive parts and components. We’ve created an ePoster that highlights the many applications for coated nonwoven fabrics in cars and other vehicles.

To download our free ePoster, Automotive Applications for Coated Nonwovens, click here.

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