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The Aldar building in Abu Dhabi is a one-of-a-kind structure. Located in a beach development, the real estate developer’s headquarters is the first building in the Middle East that has a circular-shaped and convex exterior. The designers at MZ Architects wanted to create a structure that was distinct and innovative enough to attract the eye from miles away.

The design was inspired by the circle’s symbolism, which signifies unity, stability and wholeness. A circle also represents infinity — a shape that has no beginning or end.

Creating the circular shape, however, presented challenges for the architects. For example, since a normal roof structure wouldn’t work they had to fabricate a seam of metal panels and glass to fuse the facade and roof together.

Durable and Elegant

Without sacrificing the building’s beauty, the designers needed to find a way to protect it from Abu Dhabi’s desert weather conditions. They found their solution with LUMIFLON® FEVE Resin. Each panel of the Aldar headquarters is protected with a Lumiflon-enriched powder coating for outstanding color and gloss retention, as well as superior durability. LUMILFON is made from unique polymer technology that has alternating fluoroethylene and alkyl vinyl ether segments.

Additional benefits of FEVE Resins include:

  • Curing at room temperature or at elevated temperatures
  • UV light, chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Superior weather resistance compared to conventional topcoats
  • Soluble in common solvents and compatible with water

Enhanced with LUMIFLON FEVE resin technology, the Aldar HQ will remain intact for decades despite constant exposure to UV radiation, salt, and water.

In addition to buildings like the Aldar headquarters, FEVE resins are ideal for structures such as:

  • Bridges, storage tanks, water towers
  • Aircrafts, automobiles, trains
  • Metal composite panels, aluminum extrusions
  • Solar panels, wind towers

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Photos courtesy of MZ Architects and Aldar

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