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AGC’s ETFE Film Has SoFi Stadium Covered for the Big Game!

While you are watching the Big Game on Sunday, take a minute to look up from the excitement on the field. That’s AGC’s ETFE film covering on Sofi Stadium’s state-of-the-art roof! Fluon® ETFE is a fluoropolymer film that has been used in some of the world’s most creative architectural structures. This high-performance building material is…

sustainability goals

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals with AGC Products

Climate change is a global issue that has become a serious topic gaining momentum around the world. As more and more businesses pledge efforts toward carbon neutrality, we understand the necessity of offering solutions that are environmentally sustainable while also providing equal, if not higher, performance value to the products being phased out. We take…

ideal fillers for PTFE

Fluoropolymer Compounds: How to Select the Right PTFE Filler For Your Application

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that is widely popular because of its numerous benefits that can be adapted for use across a variety of industries and applications. The unique properties of PTFE make it useful for both domestic and commercial applications. These properties include: A very high melting point of 327 °C…

The Latest Trends in Sunscreen Formulations Benefit From SPF Boost Ingredients

Sunscreen is no longer just something you grab for a day at the beach. Consumers want products that are safe and effective for everyday use, can be worn under makeup or can be blended with other additives to offer additional benefits like moisture, tinting or anti-aging. However, there is a delicate balance to creating formulations…

fluorinated resin coatings for glass

Protect Life-Saving Pharmaceuticals with Fluorinated Resin Coatings for Glass Packaging

The COVID-19 pandemic brought public attention to the complex pharmaceutical supply chain—product development, production and distribution. Playing an important role in the worldwide vaccination effort are the glass vials that contain the billions of doses needed for global distribution. To get the vaccine to the public, it is first produced in bulk, then transferred to…

Meeting the Challenges of Manufacturing Fluorochemical-Based APIs

Producing fluorinated molecules for large-scale production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is a highly specialized field. Incorporating fluorine into APIs can change key characteristics of the molecule, such as its metabolic stability, ability to dissolve in fats and other nonpolar solvents, capacity to bind to protein, as well as its acidity and basicity. These changes…

fine silica for flash chromatography

Introducing M.S.GEL™ Spherical Silica Grades for Flash Chromatography and UHPLC

Accurate, consistent chromatography analysis relies on the right instruments and components for each specific technique. That’s why AGC has developed new grades of M.S.GEL™ spherical silica as packing materials for flash chromatography and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography. Silica gels are reliable, versatile chromatography packing materials. Silica is polar adsorbent, which means in the stationary phase…

Solesephere gel

Research Shows Microsphere Silica Gels Improve Cosmetic and Skincare Product Formulations

Cosmetic and skincare formulations use a precise balance of ingredients to achieve the desired structure and performance of the final product. Formulators must understand the chemistry of each ingredient and how they will work together to develop products that deliver the desired performance properties like absorption, smooth application and stability, to name a few. Additionally,…

Fine Silica Fillers Improve Performance and Reduce the Cost of 3D Printing Resins

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is the process of creating solid three-dimensional objects, layer by layer, with the use of computer design modeling. It is commonly used to make prototypes and models used for market research, testing and validation purposes. Because 3D printing speeds up the prototyping process, it enables manufacturers to bring…

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