November 12, 2020 – F-CLEAN® Film Greenhouse Covering Improves Crop Quality at Cannabis Growing Facilities

F-CLEAN® Film Greenhouse Covering Improves Crop Quality at Cannabis Growing Facilities

EXTON, Pa., November 12, 2020 – Because cannabis plants require specific conditions at various development stages, it is essential to have the proper light transmittance throughout the growing facility. F-CLEAN® film from AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. is a covering material for grow rooms that is available in clear, diffuse to spread light, soft shine to decrease light intensity, varying UV cut options, and multi-layers to provide more insulation. These options enable cannabis cultivators to select the ideal covering for each section of the growing facility.

The ETFE fluoropolymer chemistry of these films produces significant performance benefits. F-CLEAN film is proven to protect greenhouses for more than 25 years without deterioration. F-CLEAN film has very low surface energy, so rain can easily wash away dirt, and snow and ice slide right off, ensuring quality light transmission and eliminating work time and cleaning costs. The anti-drip coating prevents condensation on the inside of the greenhouse, preventing damage and unwanted light reflection from water droplets.

For more details, visit the F-CLEAN greenhouse film information page on AGCCA’s website.

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